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Genealogy search engine Mocavo recently announced an exciting new feature for its users: Geni Family Tree Import! With Geni Family Tree Import, Geni and Mocavo users can import their existing family trees on Geni to their Mocavo profiles and instantly have access to all their family tree data. We think this is a great new step in making genealogy research easier than ever and we can’t wait for you to try it out!

The folks at Mocavo were kind enough to answer some questions about their latest feature for us. Check out the Q & A below!

What is Mocavo?

Mocavo is the world’s first and largest genealogy-centric search engine. They display only genealogy related information, all the time. This means no more wading though Facebook and Twitter profiles in order to get to the good stuff.

The difference between Mocavo and any other search engine, such as Google for example, is that instead of crawling fresh and new content (like Google is designed to do), Mocavo only crawls genealogy-specific blogs and websites, which often times do not have fresh or new content on them.

What is Geni Family Tree Import? How does Geni Family Tree Import work with Mocavo?

Geni Family Tree Import is a quick and easy way to take your family tree that you already have on and import it into Mocavo. If you’ve got a family tree on Geni and a free Mocavo account, you can link the two by clicking on the “Log in using Geni” button located on .

What advantages does this offer to genealogists?

The Geni Family Tree Import offers multiple advantages to genealogists. Those who already have already put time into creating a tree on Geni no longer have to duplicate their efforts in order to have a tree on Mocavo. One can simply import the tree they’ve created and instantly start taking advantage of all the associated features Mocavo offers.

Additionally, for those who are new to genealogy and do not have a tree, Geni is a great place to start! You can build your family tree from the ground up and import it directly into Mocavo. Mocavo can then help you with your research by assisting you in discovering new connections to your ancestors, completely for free.

What about privacy? Who has access to my data?

Mocavo’s utmost priority is it’s users privacy. Therefore, all of your privacy settings that you’ve implemented on will transfer over to Mocavo along with your tree. If you’ve set your tree to private, Mocavo will not add it to their index and will not make them available for other users to see.

How can I get started?

If you already have a tree on Geni and a Mocavo account, you can get started by heading to and click on the “Log in using Geni” button. If you’re just starting out, you can begin the journey into your family history by creating a tree on Geni. Once you have some ancestors added, you can import it into Mocavo.

What’s coming up next for Mocavo?

Mocavo’s team is currently working to further automate the process of researching your genealogy. Additionally, they’re focusing on building a better Mocavo experience for both free and paid users and moving to share the spotlight that was once on genealogy data across the web with content generated by their members.

You can read Mocavo’s announcement on their blog here.

Import Your Geni Family Tree to Mocavo Now!


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  • Cgrbtr

    What is the point of having a tree in both places?  Why not just one or the other?

    • former Geni user

      Money for them ! That’s the point !

  • Harald Tveit Alvestrand

    I’m part of the Big Tree. If I import “my” tree into Mocavo, will all the 60+ million records be searchable on Mocavo?

  • Support

    Hi There! You can read about all the advanages Mocavo has to offer for those who upload family trees on our FAQ page:

  • Jeradc

    Is there some way I can see what OTHER people are able to export about me and my tree?