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Monday Recap for November 18, 2013

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Check out some great genealogy articles! Image: How fast could you travel across the U.S. in the 1800s? / The Genealogy Sphere 5 Genealogy Research Techniques That Have Nothing To Do With Documents (The Ancestor Hunt blog) – Awesome research tips that go beyond documents Youngest WW1 soldier fought in the Somme aged 13 (DailyMail) – Documents reveal the youngest soldier to fight in the trenches was 13. He fought for six weeks before… Read the full story

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Death Certificate of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Posted November 15, 2013 by Amanda | One Comment

One of the most important records in genealogy is an individual’s death certificate. Bursting with vital information, death certificates can be that key document to unlocking your family’s long standing mysteries and brick walls. Let’s discover what information can be found in death certificate by taking a close look at the death certificate of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura Ingalls Wilder Laura Ingalls Wilder was born February 7, 1867 in… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for November 11, 2013

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It’s Veterans Day in the U.S. Spend a few minutes this holiday by checking out these great articles! The Genealogy Blog Manhattan’s Forgotten Graveyards, Under Public Parks, Famous Hotels and Supermarkets (The Huffington Post) – He’s a chilling thought, while visiting one of New York’s many parks and squares, it’s likely you’re standing on land that was once a cemetery Mugshots from the 1920s are Significantly Cooler Thank Mugshots from Today ( – See some fascinating… Read the full story

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Guess Who Signed Clark Gable’s Military Discharge Papers?

Posted November 7, 2013 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Do you have veterans in your family? Military records are an excellent source of genealogical information. Let’s discover what information discharge papers can offer by taking a closer look at the report of separation for Gone With the Wind star Clark Gable, including an interesting piece of trivia. During World War II, Gable felt compelled to join the war effort. However, it wasn’t until after the death of his wife, Carole Lombard, in a plane crash did… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for November 4, 2013

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Start your week off with some great genealogy related articles! The Genealogy Sphere Unveiling the Halloween Monster DNA in Everyone (National Geographic) – The Genographic Project explores our creepier ancestors in honor of Halloween Where Did You Come From? This Map Shows You America’s Complete Ancestry ( – Interesting map showing the melting pot of the U.S. Park Haven tombstone is a case of mistaken identity ( – Recently discovered tombstone of a Civil War soldier leads to… Read the full story

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Haunting Spirit Photography

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Have you ever found an old photo that appears to have a ghostly presence amongst the individuals pictured? You may have stumbled upon a “spirit” photograph. During the late 19th century, spirit photography sprang into popularity. The practice attempted to capture images of a passed loved one’s ghost or spirit within a photograph. With Halloween upon us, let’s take a closer look at the history behind these spooky photos. In the 1860s, photographer William H. Mumler discovered… Read the full story

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Millions of new gravestone records and obituaries now available

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Here’s some excellent news to add to your Halloween festivities – millions of gravestone records and obituaries are now available to Geni users through Record Matches and MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™! This new addition includes 5.5 million gravestone records from BillionGraves and 3.5 million obituaries from Using MyHeritage’s powerful matching technologies, Geni users will receive Record Matches whenever these new records match your family tree. These records will also be accessible directly through your relatives’ Geni… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for October 28, 2013

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Have a great weekend? Check out some interesting articles you may have missed in the passed week! The Genealogy Sphere Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State ( – Fascinating maps of the most popular girl names. Do any of these pop up in your family tree? Eerie Cemeteries Left to Nature (PHOTOS) – Haunting images of nature reclaiming old cemeteries Blended families, blended names ( – Modern couples opting for… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for October 21, 2013

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Here are some interesting articles to start off your week! The Genealogy Sphere Living Relatives of 5,300-Year-Old Mummy Located in Austria (redOrbit) – Through DNA testing, scientists were able to identify living relatives to a 5,300-year-old mummy Adopted daughter rode the school bus for seven years before she discovered the conductor was her real mother (Daily Mail) – A woman discovers her childhood bus driver is her biological mother Goats successfully uncover graves at Md…. Read the full story

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Photo Caption Contest: Win a Free Geni Pro Subscription

Posted October 17, 2013 by Amanda | 18 Comments

It’s competition time! Help come up with a unique caption for the image below for your chance to win a free Geni Pro subscription. With Geni Pro you will have access to advanced tools to help grow your family tree, including: Tree Matches – achieve faster tree growth with instant tree matches to connect with new relatives Unlimited data – upload unlimited photos, videos and documents Premium support – communicate directly with our expert support staff… Read the full story