GoodGuide And Geni Land New Funding

February 24, 2009

TechCrunch, January 19, 2009 Geni raises another $5 million in a Series C round backed by Charles River Ventures and The Founders Fund. In early 2007, Geni raised a total of $1.5 million in a series A round led by The Founders Fund and another $10 million is a series B round led by Charles… Read more

Leverage Inc. and Geni Inc. Announce New Business Partnership

February 24, 2009, January 12, 2009 Leverage Inc., a leading provider of online gift card, loyalty, and promotional services, and Geni Inc., which operates the family social networking site, today announce a new business development initiative and technological integration which create additional revenue streams and add to both companies' strategic partnership portfolios. Read the rest of… Read more

Wall Street Journal Highlights Geni

February 24, 2009, January 7, 2009 is mentioned as a top site for connecting family online. "If you have a tech savvy family try out which is a fun way of getting your family tree online." Read the rest of the article.

socalTECH: Geni Rolls New Holiday Calendar, Pro Features

February 24, 2009, December 22, 2008 Geni, the online genealogy and social networking site run by ex-PayPal cofounder David Sacks, has rolled out two new features. According to the firm in an announcement to users Friday, it has added popular holidays to its calendar, and also added new virtual gifts for those holidays which can be sent… Read more

Facebook Aims to Extend Its Reach Across the Web

February 24, 2009, November 30, 2008 Announcement of Geni's partnership and future integration with Facebook Connect. This will allow users  to log onto other Web sites, such as Geni, using their Facebook identification and see their friends’ activities on those sites. Connect also gives members the opportunity to broadcast their actions on those sites to their friends… Read more

socalTech: Geni Adds “Family Finder”

February 24, 2009, November 24, 2008 Geni has rolled out a new "Family Finder" feature, the firm said Friday, allowing users to import addresses from Microsoft Outlook, web email programs like Google's Gmail and Yahoo, or other sources. According to Geni, the new feature will look through your address book and select anyone that the company's software… Read more

socalTECH: Geni Expands Virtual Gifts

November 10, 2008, November 10, 2008 said today that the firm has enhanced its virtual gifts feature, the ability of the users of the family tree site to send each other birthday greetings and other gifts on the site. According to Geni, it has completely revised its gifts, adding better quality graphics, more selection, and a… Read more

Family Tree Magazine Names Geni to 101 Best Websites

July 9, 2008

The September 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine named to it’s list of 101 Best Websites for 2008.                                                                                            "An alternative to investing in shrink-wrapped… Read more

Geni in Time’s 50 Best Websites 2008

July 9, 2008

Time Magazine June 16, 2008 For an exercise that’s all about family, researching your genealogy can be an oddly lonesome affair, filled with long hours spent sifting through records and making awkward phone calls to far-flung relatives. But Geni turns tree-building into a collaborative effort.  Read the rest of the article.

2008 Artistry of Genealogy Awards

July 9, 2008

Business Wire Mar 28, 2008    The 2008 Artistry of Genealogy Awards (AGA) were announced today by The Photo preservation Center (PPC) to showcase outstanding genealogy websites and recognize excellence in preserving family history through genealogy. Read the rest of the article.

Good UI Design: Make It Easy, Show Me You Care

March 26, 2008

Read, Write, Web March 26, 2008       …uses a few examples to make his point: one, Geni an online family tree creation tool lets users make a family tree as soon as they visit the web site. Read the rest of the article.

Sign Up Forms Must Die

March 26, 2008

A List Apart | For People Who Make Websites March 25, 2008     We are pleased to present an excerpt from Chapter 13 of Luke Wroblewski’s forthcoming book Web Form Design: Filling In the Blanks (Rosenfeld Media, 2008). — Ed. I’ll just come out and say this: sign-up forms must die. In the introduction to… Read more

Is Shrink Wrapped Software Dead?

March 7, 2008

Time Magazine March 17, 2008                                     Learning about your heritage is fun for the whole family on, which lets you invite relatives to help flesh out the family tree.  Since all data are stored on Geni’s central servers, anyone you’ve given access to… Read more

One of the Best Free Sofware Apps

March 3, 2008

PC Magazine March 2008 Share your genealogy with everyone in the family.  They can contribute more individual profiles until your family tree is complete.

I Dream of Geni

January 14, 2008

Sarasota Magazine – January 13, 2008 A couple of weeks ago my cousin Andrew from Atlanta e-mailed me an invite from a Web site service called Geni. The invitation asked me to register and offered me the opportunity to build out my family tree. Since my family, probably like yours, is scattered literally around the… Read more

All hail to top 10 Web’s throne

January 3, 2008

The Star Ledger – January 1, 2008                         Geni: Existing Web sites often retooled themselves to add a "social networking" component in 2007, a year notable for the elevation of Facebook to near Google-like stature. With Geni, the Web got an online genealogy spot that’s slick, fun and,… Read more

Online Sites Offer Peek Into The Past

January 3, 2008 – December 31, 2007                                                              One of the earliest "Web 2.0" family tree start-ups is, which launched in January 2007 and has since received $11.5 million in venture capital (valuing the company at $100… Read more

Let website Geni grow a family tree with a little help from you and yours

September 4, 2007

The Plain Dealer – September 3, 2007 I’ve always wanted to work on a family tree, but I’ve never had the time for it. Now I’ve found the way: Other people will do it for me. This may work for you too. An online startup, Geni (, is bringing the social networking craze – yes,… Read more

Latest Genealogy Tools Create A Need to Know

August 21, 2007

New York Times ( – August 18, 2007 “The proliferation of sites did not deter David O. Sacks, the former chief operating officer of PayPal, from creating a new entrant this year. His interest in his family history inspired him to design a site combining genealogy software with the ability to network with relatives —… Read more

Fertilizing the family tree on

August 6, 2007

Los Angeles Times ( – August 5, 2007 Geni’s basic mechanism is simple: To get started, you create a profile for yourself including your name, region, date of birth and a photograph — just like a profile on MySpace or Facebook. Then, beginning with your immediate family, you fill in as much of your tree… Read more

Sacks might have a Geni of a Web

July 9, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle ( – July 6, 2007 His latest startup in Los Angeles, Geni, is aiming to connect families the way Facebook connects friends or LinkedIn connects professional contacts. The concept is simple: Create a virtual family tree that shows how everyone is related to everyone else.

The top 100 Webware sites for 2007

June 19, 2007

Webware – June 18, 2007 The Webware 100 Awards recognize the best Web 2.0 sites, services and applications leading the next wave of innovation. editors received and reviewed thousands of entries. Finalists were selected and featured in an online voting poll, where users voted and ultimately selected 100 winners in 10 categories.

Family Trees 2.0

June 19, 2007

Business Week – June 18, 2007 Geni takes up where the big social-networking sites have been known to leave off — family relations. "There are networks for friends, like MySpace. There are professional networks, like LinkedIn. But I thought a great omission was sites that help people stay in touch with their family," says David… Read more

Geni: Earning That $100 million Valuation

May 20, 2007

TechCrunch – May 20, 2007 At launch, Geni appeared to be like many other “family tree” websites, just with a better looking and easier to use (Flash) interface. The site is extremely viral…

The State of Web 2.0 Design

May 19, 2007

Valleywag – May 15, 2007 Geni: The genealogy-focused social network deserves special mention because without "chasing Web 2.0", it would not be possible. It’s primary interface, building family trees visually, is dependent on new Web technology and customization. It’s a shining example of exploiting new technologies for new purposes. Where it is subject to criticism… Read more

Different Approaches to the Semantic Web

May 5, 2007

O’Reilly Radar – March 12, 2007 And in fact, applications that don’t explicitly present themselves as Semantic Web applications, like the Web 2.0 family tree maker, Geni, work exactly the same way. The user is given an opportunity to create a very structured entry that doesn’t feel like a chore but just the natural way… Read more

The Next Generation Of Genealogy Sites

May 3, 2007

The Wall Street Journal – February 15, 2007 One new entrant,, which was launched last month by a former PayPal executive, offers a new model, based on connecting living relatives free of charge. The site is part genealogy, part six degrees of separation: Instead of paying a fee to research family records buried in… Read more

Geni Launches

January 16, 2007

TechCrunch – January 16, 2007 The initial product is a very easy to use Flash tool to create a profile and a family tree – including siblings, spouses, cousins, aunts and uncles, and their families. When you add a relative, there is an option to add their email address and have the tree sent to… Read more