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11/9/2011 в 12:42 до полудня

I notice Jean Marais was born in 1638 and son Charles is also born 1638 is ther a error here

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11/9/2011 в 4:26 до полудня

I have gone and done some research. Those are the correct dates (I see birth year and death year for both are exactly the same) for Charles. Not for Jean. He must have been born earlier. I cannot find anything else on Jean Marais other that what is on Geni. I did not add those profiles, but think one should take the birth and death dates for Jean out, because it is incorrect.

11/9/2011 в 7:16 после полудня

Doing some analysis I say a approx date should be applied of between 25 and 30 years difference this should serve the purpose well.

Показаны все 3 сообщения

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