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2012年1月3日上午 1点06分

Yes, how many millions are we? We are many, the ones that kind of suspect of it, with time, we are all descendants of Charlemagne and of everyone else. I guess the thing is to think that you know for sure, that you have the record. Everyone has the rights of Charlemagne and his family, indeed and by the way.


hola primos alrededor del mundo :):) aqui en amèrica tambièn somos muchos descendientes de CHARLEMAGNE (a traves de la enorme inmigracion europea)
En mi caso tengo mas de 8 lineas de ascendientes por las que èl es mi gran-gran-abuelo (chazno) con diferentes numeros de generaciones intermedias, y hasta muchas veces de familias entre-cruzadas.
Sospecho que debemos ser varios millones de personas :):)
si consideramos que cada uno tiene 2 padres, 4 abuelos, 8 bisabuelos,... y asi siguiendo... se llega a que de la generacion 32 tendrìamos 4295 millones de gran-abuelos !!!! increible no ?

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2012年1月7日下午 2点25分

So... how many are we? He is my 36th., can we start a Club?

2012年1月7日下午 3点21分

Charlemagne is your 32nd great grandfather.

2012年1月7日下午 9点25分

All of Northern European descent may well be descended from Charlemagne (my 32nd great grandfather multiple times) - I put a summary of a few web articles that talk about that here:
for example


"Yale statistician Joseph Chang wrote a 1999 paper entitled “Recent Common Ancestors of All Present-Day Individuals.”
...And because Charlemagne is known to be the ancestor of some people alive today, that must mean he was the ancestor of all people of European descent.

2012年1月8日上午 1点12分

Charlemagne and Hildegard are my 33rd great grandparents. I went to Aachen last week to pay him a visit (also known as Aix la Chapelle because of the hot springs). His remains are in the Dom of Aachen. Aachen is well preserved and visitors can learn a lot. I saw video footage of the liberation of Aachen by the allied forces. It is a wonder that everything was not destroyed by bombs. There is a story that a bomb went into the church trough one window and out through the opposite without doing damage....

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Kitty, gran parte de occidente desciende de Carlomagno (muchos no lo saben y no todos encontraron aún su línea ascendente hasta él.


it is many who is related to charlemagne. I know that since long time.

2012年1月8日下午 1点22分

Charlemagne is my 31st great grandfather's wife's grandfather.

2012年1月9日上午 2点30分

Horacio - yes it is fun to have found so many uplines to him. Many (most?) Norwegians are descended from the same family that carried that line to Norway - the Rieber family - Katrina Helvik Lauritsdtr. H Riber (Galtung (Galte))
Katrina Helvig Lauritzdatter Riiber
and husband
Katrina Helvig Lauritzdatter Riiber

2012年1月9日上午 2点35分

The other family that goes back to Charlemagne that I see multiple times in my lines is the MUNK family:
Guttorm Bengtson Munk
oh and now on this line Charlemagen is my 31st grandfather

2012年1月9日上午 3点00分

Guttorm Bengtson Munk is my 15th great grandfather:)

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2012年1月9日上午 7点03分

Kitty, en mi caso yo encontré 2 líneas, por parte de mi abuelo paterno y por mi abuela paterna
En estos casos ha sido por la inmigración española a América.
Saludos cordiales.

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2012年1月9日上午 7点21分

Ampliando la contestación anterior:
Hay una gran cantidad de descendientes de Carlomagno que vienen de
D.Alfonso III (1210-1279), 5to.Rey de Portugal en 1248 (que era el primo de dos reyes santos: San Luis IX de Francia y Fernando III de Castilla). Esta línea viene por parte de mi abuelo paterno.


ce que je connais si bien n'avait pas de Charlemagne, dont certaines remontent à la Grèce? a un certain nombre de générations passées Charlemagne, mais exactement d'où ils venaient, je n'ai pas.

2012年1月15日上午 8点47分

Katrina Helvik Lauritsdtr. Riber is my 16th cousin 15 times removed.

2012年1月15日上午 8点50分

Guttorm Bengtson Munk is my 11th cousin 21 times removed

2012年1月15日上午 8点51分

Charlemagne is my 37th great grandfather.

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2012年1月15日上午 9点40分

Katrina Helvik Lauritsdtr. Riber is my 11th cousin 9 times removed.

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2012年1月15日上午 9点42分

Guttorm Bengtson Munk is my second cousin 20 times removed.

2012年1月16日上午 1点44分

Charlemagne is my 32nd great grandfather.

2012年1月16日上午 2点07分

Guttorm Bengtson Munk is my second cousin 19 times removed.

2012年1月16日上午 2点13分

Katrina Helvik Lauridsdtr. Riber
ia my 11th cousin 7 times removed.

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2012年1月16日上午 2点46分

Charlemagne is my 34th great grandfather.

2012年2月20日下午 2点56分

Charlemagne is my 33rd great grandfather.

2012年2月20日下午 4点40分

He's my 32nd ggf

2012年2月22日上午 4点22分

I'm so confused... Until a few months ago Geni said that Charlemagne was my 33rd great grandfather, but now it says he's my 19th great uncle's 14th great grandfather. How could this have happened? Did new information come to light such that the connection found to be false?

2012年2月22日上午 4点49分

Profiles are constantly being merged and corrected on Geni, a curator might have had to break a connection to correct it prior to reattaching it, or it could have been a connection that wasn't correct. Just give it time. Its safe to say that everyone of European decent is related to Charlemagne. I'm related directly through 4 different branches, and mathematically its almost impossible to not be related to him once your branches hit Europe, since every generation you go back is a power of 2.


jmu, well I know I dont have chinese relatives, I have been extensively DNA tested :)


Jeff Smith is my 23rd cousin. Hi Jeff Smith :)


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