John Kerry has a brother named John Kerry?

Started by Judy Baumgarten (Kornfeld) on 2011年9月19日(星期一)


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2011年9月19日下午 4点53分

I suppose it's possible, but it seems odd to me. Please clarify. Perhaps John is a middle name for the brother? I noticed this because a merge notification came up wanting to merge the 2 Johns. I ignored it. But until the brother John has something distinguishing him from the Senator, this will keep being an issue (merge requests), unless, of course, this is an error entirely.

2011年9月19日下午 8点45分

There are duplicates and should be merged. John Kerry has one brother named Cameron. If you are able to complete the merge please do so. As a backup I have sent the main manager who hasn't been online for over a year a request to make the private profile a public one.

2011年9月20日下午 4点33分

For some reason, yesterday I would have been able to complete a merge, but now the other John Kerry is private. You should at least add Cameron as John Kerry's brother. Right now, there is no Cameron listed.

2011年9月20日下午 4点40分

Try again?

2011年9月20日下午 5点28分


Private User
2011年9月20日下午 5点37分

According to

He has three siblings: two sisters, Diana (born in 1947) and Margerie (aka Peggy; born in 1941), and a brother, Cameron (born in 1950)

So there are another two sisters who could be added too


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