For everybody - Concerning inport of Gedcoms from Geni to other websites.

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Today at 7:13 AM

It has come under my attention for the 5th time that people take a Gedcom of a family file on Geni, in my case more than once, and then put it with photo's and all on My Heritage, Family Tree, etc.
This is absolute stealing other peoples work and such people can be taken to court. It is not correct.
If you have done the research yourself you can do such thing but taking other peoples profiles as your own, with photo's etc. is against the law. And even living people and children. It is disgusting to say the least.
One person who have done that and have put work that have been done by a very dignified and researcher in line with my own family. My tutor and a man with great respect in the reseach field all over the world. Needless to say that the person was in high trouble and had to delete the whole file.
Please, for your own sake and the possiblilty of having a court case against you, don't do that. What and where you put your own research doesn't matter. Any place else you first need the researcher's permission and secondly have to give credit to them.
I for one don't mind sharing, but at least even on Geni I give credit to the person who did the research or gave me the information.
This is really an offence. Rather buy a Personal Family file or download it from legacy or LDS and build your own family files with all exensions on your own PC.

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