Tips for tracing Irish ancestors

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Many people around the world trace their heritage back to relatives who came from Ireland.

Whether it was a great-grandfather who came from Cork and a great-grandmother from Kerry, millions of family trees have branches that include at least a bit of Irish ancestry!

During the hard times in Ireland many young people and families joined the Irish Diaspora. ( They wandered to other lands to find work and a better life. Their roots were in Ireland, but they married and raised children in a new land.

Keeping in touch with friends and relatives in the Old Country was difficult in the days before inexpensive international telephone calls and email. Most children, grandchildren and later generations of these émigrés lost contact with their extended families in Ireland. Looking for information on these Irish ancestors is a research project that takes plenty of detective work, but is also exciting and rewarding.

For millions worldwide, all roads lead back to Ireland

Today, for many families in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and many other countries... all roads lead back to the Old Sod.

Now that genealogy information is easier to find, descendants of the Irish who were scattered throughout the world are looking for their Irish roots.

Old church records, census rolls and passenger lists from ships that sailed from Irish ports are just some of the places that can reveal the secrets of where Irish ancestors lived and help trace any relatives who may still be in the area. You may even find a few people in forums and message boards who are looking for the same family information as you.

Travelers to Ireland often include a visit to a city, town, or village rich in family heritage. With a bit of luck, they may find distant cousins who can share family histories with them and help with reconnecting to the land of their forefathers and researching their roots. Just walking through the streets where grandparents or great-grandparents grew up can be a surprisingly moving experience.

See the Irish portal discussion, Irish links and sources for online sources

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1901 and 1911 Irish census are available free, online at National Archives of Ireland web-site.

Grirrith's Valuation is free on "Ask About Ireland" This was an extensive survey of the whole country listing main resident occupier of one million dwellings and a detailed map. Carried out between 1847 and 1864. A must!

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Or Griffiths valuation on

Also see Irish links and sources for online sources here in this Irish portal

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Above website gives more detailed info (for free) on the griffiths valuation,
Will actually give map ref and actual valuation as well as search by townland etc.
The image above shows a digital scan of the original Griffith's Valuation ledger page. Use the zooming controls to examine the page in more detail. The record you clicked is 40 lines from the top. When you have finished, use the close button at the top right to close this popup area.

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Kenneth Kwame Welsh Irish in Jamaica is added to the related projects in the Irish portal
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