Im gonna be 17!!

Начала Brittany Четверг, 17 Ноября 2011


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17/11/2011 в 8:01 до полудня

Im gonna be Seventeen years old!! I cant wait!! my cousin Kelsey is gonna be fifteen on Thanksgiving!! I'm so happy for her!! She gets her braces off in December! i'm so excited for her!! :)

17/11/2011 в 5:34 после полудня

thanks Brittany - early Happy birthday - never knew your mother personally - even tho she was married to my cousin Gerald

18/11/2011 в 11:39 до полудня

gerald emery is your cousin?? wow
he's not my real dad.... i just call him my dad cuz he's the closest thing i've ever had to a dad.. my real dad is tim golish! he's not in my life!! Gerald and my mom were married for 12 yrs.. they split up and my mom got with my dad.. but then when i was four he helped my mom and move to bloomington.. i havent seen gerald since i was nine or ten! :( i dont know where he is now! but i'd love to talk to him!! he was there when i was born so he's like my dad!

19/11/2011 в 5:28 до полудня

sound like something he would do - hope you got his address - as said outside of jasonville somewhere heard from hm in july and i have yet to wrtie back.

21/11/2011 в 11:50 до полудня

i dont know his address- do you have it??

21/11/2011 в 11:51 до полудня

my mom said she knew of you and remembered him talking about u!

26/11/2011 в 2:39 после полудня

i was sorrry could never attend the weding but i had 2 children age 7 and 6 at the time and forget what else was going on -

glad he talked of me some tho we wre not close.

28/11/2011 в 6:06 до полудня

oh iits ok

30/8/2012 в 4:14 после полудня

Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns and Brittany gerald would be my 9th cousin 17 times removed

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