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Started by Andrew Colman on Sunday, November 20, 2011


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Andrew Colman
Today at 10:46 AM

Without warning, Geni has introduced a rule that Basic (non-paying) users are restricted to family trees with no more than 100 nodes. My own tree has well over 200 nodes, and the first I knew about this was when the following banner started appearing at the top of my Geni pages: "Your family tree has exceeded the Basic limit of 100 family members. Upgrade to add more people to your tree." This is a scandalous example of lowballing -- luring people in with free offer and then stinging them for cash once they are too committed to withdraw. Actually, many users say that they are intending to withdraw. In my case, I have a vast amount of additional information that I had hoped to add to my tree when I got the time (I have 2,431 people on my offline tree, plus numerous corrections, additions, and mountains of documents following meticulous research), but unless Geni reverses its ill-conceived policy, which has enraged so many of the Basic members on whom it relies for its data, I can't add anything. Can I even correct existing data? Unless someone tells me I can, I dare not try.

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