John's Death

Начала Jennifer Yeadon Smith Четверг, 22 Декабря 2011


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22/12/2011 в 4:05 после полудня

I am John & Anne's gggg-grand-daughter, I was born and raised in Brookside on the land granted to John in 1787. I have heard through family oral history that when he died in 1815 it was due to drowning in Hatchet Lake but have not been able to prove it. Is anyone able to substantiate this rumour?


22/12/2011 в 4:29 после полудня

Hi Jen, do you know Iris Shea? She knows almost everything about the Drysdales. She was the one who took the pictures of their headstones that I put on their profiles. I met her several years ago when I came up to NS.

22/12/2011 в 4:33 после полудня

John is my 5th great grandfather, so we must be related.

23/12/2011 в 11:26 до полудня

Hi Barbara, yes Iris and I are in contact quite often, she is an amazing researcher and source of info. I think it was Iris who first heard the drowning rumor but there do not seem to be any records to support it.

My Drysdale line goes like this... John & Ann's daughter Eliz married Wm Yeadon (my ggg-grandf) and their son John G Yeadon married Charles Drysdale's (John's younger bro) grand-dau Mary Ann (dau of Mary Ann). So both John & Charles are my gggg-gfs.

24/12/2011 в 6:29 до полудня

Jennifer Yeadon Smith
you can see my line on here, are you going to put yours on? I would like to see how we are connected.

24/12/2011 в 6:38 до полудня

Jennifer Yeadon Smith
There is a Greg Yeadon on here who already has William Yeadon on his tree. I have asked him to collaborate as well as approve the merge. I don't see that he is a pro user so I think the only way to merge the duplicates is for him to collaborate with me, and I can complete it.

5/1/2012 в 11:16 до полудня

Hi Barbara, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was away over teh holidays. I only have the basic Geni Pro account so I don't think I can officially collaborate with you, but I am considering signing up for full access and if I do we will collaborate for sure. I do have a working copy of my family tree in Excel format, I would be happy share if you have an email address that I could send it to. My email is

5/1/2012 в 11:41 до полудня

Actually I was able to populate my tree on Geni Pro, can you access it?

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