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28/12/2011 в 10:31 до полудня

How do I add my Grandfather's profile to this project? His name is Stanley Dewsnap, Born 9/6/1889, died 2/26/1993

Private User
28/12/2011 в 10:53 до полудня

1- follow the Centenarian project.
2- go to your grandfather's profile page.
3- click ton the ACTION button up to the upper right of the profile page
4- close to the bottom of the drop down list you'll see PROJECTS
5- click that button and a list will appear.
6- jogg down until you see the project Centenarians
7- click on it, wait a few seconds and it should appear to the right of your grandfather's profile page and also in the porject.

(If you don't succeed you can alsways temporarily add me to your 'family group' and I'll add him to the project for you)


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28/12/2011 в 11:01 до полудня

I would think that the profiles of close relatives who are private will all need to be made public or no one can see or read about them. Dea would like her grandfather added to the project but I'm pretty sure he is presently NOT a public profile and she probably won't want him to be made a public profile.

Any ideas ?

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28/12/2011 в 11:31 до полудня

Make him public.:). Or create a "shadow" profile, set to public, for public viewing. It can make for a slightly messy tree but has the advantage of preserving privacy in the living generations.

In other words, Dea's parent, set to private, would only be attached to the private grandfather; the public version would have a private "brother."

5/1/2012 в 8:23 до полудня

both my parents are dead now, can I make them public also?

5/1/2012 в 8:27 до полудня

why do I get this message when I try to add my grandfather to this project?

You don't have permission to view this page "

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5/1/2012 в 8:42 до полудня

Up to you on setting your deceased family members to public. I discussed with cousins etc. & we all want them to be "public" (and living persons private of course!)

5/1/2012 в 9:41 до полудня

I guess what happened was I already had him public, and clicked make private...Duh :(

18/1/2013 в 10:21 после полудня

Please add the granddaughter of Dr Walter Reed to the project. I just recently discovered she lived to be 100 years old.

Landon Monro

Private User
19/1/2013 в 1:05 до полудня

Alice Knapp,
I invited you to be a collaborator in the project. You can now add Landon Carter Monro (Reed) to the project yourself.

If you don't wish to remain a collaborator you can always remove yourself.

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