Daughter Edith Warren?

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2/1/2012 в 2:19 до полудня
4/1/2012 в 11:46 до полудня

I couldn't find a birth registration in 1885 but I did find a death registration.


Perhaps she may have only lived a few days.

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4/1/2012 в 2:25 после полудня

Oh, I dunno why I didn't notice that - nice catch. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a confusion with Margaret's daughter Edith Margaret Marion.

4/1/2012 в 5:13 после полудня

You wouldn't think that a father would name a new daughter the same name as one that passed away. (Especially with a new wife) The name must have meant something to him.

4/1/2012 в 5:15 после полудня

In order to keep the two from getting confused, you could add one called "Baby Edith" Just a thought.

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