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3/1/2012 в 3:04 после полудня

this is DeAnna. Terri's younger sister? Our baby sister found this site/profile accidently the other day. We had no idea that this was here. I'm glad to see that her other family hasn't forgotten her! <3
Judy (our mom's youngest sister) has tried to stay on the police to make sure that they don't forget that the killer(s) is still out there. She claims that this guy has confessed...then killed himself. Don't know any names
But then Judy called the dept today and found out they've closed the 'cold case' dept leaving her case still unsolved.
I'd love to catch up with you. Please contact me and we can chat.
Thanks and God Bless

10/10/2012 в 6:59 после полудня

Terri Lynn was the daughter of my husband's (Joel Beene) cousin, Robert T Beene. Joel's father and Robert's father were brothers.
DeAnna, how are you related to Terri Lynn? Gail Cookingham

Показаны все 2 сообщения

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