"Lists" Tool Not showing complete results?

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10/1/2012 в 10:56 после полудня

So a goal of mine is to always set living relatives to "private" as I don't want to publish any of their important and sensitive data, and I've always used Lists to do this.

I recognize that Geni still has the data entry bug where nearly every profile typed in defaults to public regardless of relationship, but I THOUGHT the lists tool would help me find those living profiles and mark them all private

But I just stumbled across a chunk of my tree, which I typed in, and I am SOLE manager of which were marked public!?! I brought up a lists page and sure enough, they don't show up on my list search?

Now I'm concerned that there are other living relatives also marked public. What is going on here?

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11/1/2012 в 1:30 до полудня

To clarify, the people who were still marked public did not show up in either "added by" nor "managed by" list tool queries, when searching for "public profiles" that are "living".

11/1/2012 в 11:30 до полудня


That's certainly disconcerting. Can you send me a link to one (or a few) profile(s)? I'll see if I can find out what went wrong.


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11/1/2012 в 11:54 до полудня

Deleted above post to fix type-o

Well, I marked the ones I found private, and so just now I went to my revisions tab to find that area of the tree again, and noticed about 20 more in this area of the above link. (I will be deleting that post eventually as I don't want to bring any additional attention to him!

He is a fourth cousin of mine once removed, and I recognize that his children would be my fifth cousins, and outside of my "fourth cousin tree", but my Mom is on the site, making him my Mom's blood fourth cousin. Also, We are in touch with this distant branch of the family, and so his father is a Geni member.

So the lists tool must be limited to fourth cousins and closer, no matter how the tool is configured? I thought it was the one place I had control over all the profiles I manage and add, despite relationship.... ?


11/1/2012 в 5:21 после полудня

Ah, I think you put your finger on the problem -- as your 4th cousin once removed, he's beyond the 4th cousin boundary (to YOU) that we use for determining public/private when adding profiles. There's a performance constraint that prevents us from finding your mother in this scenario, namely that we'd have to find the entire 4th-cousin group of the newly-added profile before we could return you a view of the tree. We agree that it's a problematic system, and we're still kicking around ideas for how to simplify it.

As for the list view, you should have been able to select the "Managed by me" group and add a filter for public profiles only, however I see there's a bug that's limiting that set to 5,000 *before* applying the public filter, meaning if you've added more than 5,000 profile it will miss some (as is your case). I'm working on a fix for that and expect to release it today.

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11/1/2012 в 10:30 после полудня

Excellent! And thanks! I can understand a setting that would limit the results to 5,000 people per "list search", thats totally reasonable. But yea, it would be cool, if it just started generating the list and didn't stop until it had crawled 100% of the people "managed by me" OR reaches the 5,000 number.

Thanks so much for the help!

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12/1/2012 в 8:50 после полудня

Well, I haven't seen any change yet, but now knowing the flaw in the List mode, I went through each of my great-grandparents and marked about 200 more people private, but I'm leaving one in each group so that I can be sure I'm getting ALL of them when this bug is fixed.

All I want is that if I ask the Lists tool for a list of relatives "Added by" me, that it goes all the way through every person added by me, and doesn't stop until it is done, OR has shown me the first 5,000 people who match my search.

13/1/2012 в 3:56 после полудня

Agreed -- that's what you'll get once we release this fix, which unfortunately is looking like next week.

23/2/2012 в 4:51 после полудня

Did this fix make it in yet?

23/2/2012 в 5:01 после полудня

Sorry, yes it did!

23/2/2012 в 5:04 после полудня

Excellent... I thought that was working right now, but I was feeling paranoid and figured I'd better ask in case something was still amiss...

Many thanks Mike!

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