Flash and iPad

Начала Tina, Christine Javier Evans Суббота, 14 Января 2012


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14/1/2012 в 9:13 после полудня

I really wish I could Geni on my iPad!!!!!!!

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26/2/2012 в 11:23 до полудня

I'll pass on a suggestion from @PamKarp

Puffin is an app that allows the playing of Flash on an iPad. I haven't used it, but the feedback is that apart from being slow it does everything as expected.

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26/2/2012 в 4:30 после полудня

Pam has used Puffin on her iPad with Geni, with only two observations - it's slower than you would like, and you need to use the navigator (is that what you call it?) in the bottom corner of Geni's tree view to move around the tree.

Показаны все 3 сообщения

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