von Dewitz and von Wege Families! Women married to these families?

Started by Irmeli Grunau on Monday, February 6, 2012


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2/6/2012 at 2:11 AM

I have some information about the von Wege family as well as about the von Dewitz family. But I don't want to put the information here yet, but if there is someone connected to this name, the person can contact me.

I know these names as von Wege and as von Dewitz, but "von" was not used all over the world in all countries. Even in times of revolutions some real "von" people might have left that completely away and not even cared anything about what was written and information kept about them in all kind of registers of noble people - that finally were even in very remote countries, faraway from those places where they were living. Maybe the families also had to pay for that information to be kept in registers of noble people about themselves? A fact is that many even came to lack such money!

I have the roots of more than 10 people carrying this surname in these both families, totally about 20 people. And I know a lot about them and how they are even connected to a bigger entity (all over the Europe??). The females married into these family trees are at least of "some" noble origin, but I don't want to tell more. I know that there is something very interesting to be found here, but I don't know were (which archives and what countries) the information is kept and I have difficulties to enter those sources. I have no money I can put into this kind of projects either. They are even such kind of sources, that it wouldn't wonder me, if their fate have been to become completely robbed of every piece of information. If you know anything about this kind of matters, please, let me know.

Anyone interested into these families be free to contact me. I have already put some 100 names into the tree, but cannot put there any more names as I am not interested in paying anything in order to be able to give and put out more of the information I have.

The Dewitz family is somehow also connected to Baron von Münchausen, who is not just a tale figure, but has even been a real person who has really excisted.

I also have the information about the connection between the Dewitz and the Wege families and then how they are connected to a Huguenot-family. This Huguenot must have been at least a Count / Comte, who left France just in times of the French revolution. I also know the present state and fate of this Huguenot family. I am very interested in this matter of some French, Huguenot Count.

It seems to me as if there were some problems in finding these people in any registers of noble people and there might be reasons to this. Or could someone tell where in such registers these people should be searched? I, however, know what places and countries these people are connected to.

But in times of the revolutions there were also a lot of people who used false identities and names that were not their own. Some noble people had to change their names very often due to the security reasons. I suppose there were a lot of people who arrived in America, but took / started to use the name of some noble, famous, dead people or such they thought were dead. This is a fact that must be taken seriously as they might not have thought that they returned one day from those faraway places - or that all information might one day be put into internet for everyone to take part of. This is why there might be some people thinking of having some "fine" relatives, but for whom this will turn out to be a lie and that they have been using names and identies of some real people they are not related to at all. A fact is also that serfdom was ended in Russian area as late as around 1860 just some years before the slavery in America.

The Huguenot family I know of has had some Fleur-de-lis in their Coats-of-arms.


Irmeli Grunau

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