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Nicolao Menezes was an enterprising gentleman from Sangoldha, Goa.

He started a flour mill in Karachi This mill comprised a complex of two separate buildings. The last flour mill of the British era was Goa Mills whose construction began in 1902 and it started its production in 1908.The mill was located at a place called Cincinnatus Town, in the Garden West area off Lawrence Road. The street of the mill still bears its name even today, i.e. Mill Street. As it appears from its very name.

When the depression of the first world war hit,due to financial problems the Goa Mills was taken over by well-known Parsi political figure of Dadabhoy Navroji . In 1936,mill’s was purchased by business tycoon Seth Fakrudin Tawawala, the . Because by that time the mill had been already renamed as Dadabhoy Navroji and Sons: The India Flour Mills. The mill was said to have been purchased by Seth Tawawala from Dadabhoy at a sum of Rs3.6 million. It is said that Mr Dadabhoy had forbidden the new owner to further change the name of the factory. For this reason, the mill retained its old name till the last moment.

It would not be out of place to mention that Cincanatus town was the idea of the bachelor Latin Britto uncle of the two sisters who married Felix D'Abreo and Adolf D'Abreo.

According to my father Bruno Joseph de Sa Niclao Menezes was a wonderful person. His elder daughters Effie and Julia were good friends of My father and my Uncle Luis and we remained friends till Verpze died, before my father, who died in 2003. Veroze attended his 100th birthday in 2002.


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