Padinjareakath Veedu name for Areeckal Family in Macave Kara ( By Abraham Jacob Areeckal)

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The Village of Macave(Kara) is located surrounding the Church of Akaparambu Pally (Pally in Malayalam language means church). Akaparambu pally was founded in 825 A.D. by Sabor Afroth Fathers who came from Syria. Before the arrival of Sabor and Afroth, the church used to be a temple. The Nilavilakku inside the church, the black stone where the cross is mounted and te old Banyan tree we used to have is a good evidence to this. The Brahmin family who is located in the middle of the village was the controler of the temple. According to the history, the temple was converted into a church, as aresult of the prayer and miraculas favor given by Sabor Afroth to the Brahmin family for the wellnes of their child. There were some families who came along with Sabor and Afroth during this period. After the establishment of the church, theses families were allowed to stay in the village to look after the church. Areeckal family was one of them. They were also known as akathu veettu family. The main was Thachila Akathu Veed in the middle of Macave. As the family grew the children were separated into devided properties. As result by many generations, Thopil, Chakkara Akathu Veed, Kavalanchery, Cheriatuu Kalappurayil, Purathekkattu names were given as the properties were divided and separated. Part of the family was settled in the west ( in Malayalam west = Pdinjaru) part of the Macave village. West of the rail. As a result theses families became Padinjare Akathu Veed family. Fromthe divisions of that family came Cheriattu, and Themalil names for the Areeckal family on the west side..

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