Adélaïs, Abbess of Saint Peter's - Adelais - Posthumously born to Ermengarde?

Started by Sharon Doubell - Still at the beach on Wednesday, March 28, 2012
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3/28/2012 at 2:44 AM

Private User has pointed out that "the information about Ermengarde's death is:
October 3, 818 - 819, Age 40 Death of Ermengarde; AngersAngers, Pays de la Loire, Neustria, Frankish Empire, Ermengarde de Hesbaye
but her daughter's birth is given as:
824 - 805, Age 40; Birth of Adélaïs, Abbess of Saint Peter's, Tours, Centre, France
I appreciate the difficulty of verifying dates from so long back, but just thought you might want to check. - Leith"

Thanks, Leith. I seem to recall a lot of complicated work on this line of profiles, so hope to get back to it when I'm finished with the Herodians. In the meantime it seems sensible to me to move Adelais' birth back to before her mother's death. Perhaps a good chance she died in childbirth, I'd imagine.

If Leith or anyone else is interested in investigating the research accuracy on this line further. PLEASE go ahead. Maybe log your findings (confirmations or changes) here, so we have a history of our research work, and avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Jump in fellow armchair historians.... :-)

4/10/2012 at 2:02 PM

I'm not sure how Adélaïs ended up as a daughter of Ermengarde. Adélaïs' ancestry is uncertain.

Traditionally there two women with the name Alpaïs. One was a daughter of Charlemagne. She married Begue, Count of Paris. The other was a daughter of Louis. She married Alberic, Count of Alsace. Charles Recker argued that the two women were one person, the Abbess of St. Peter's, daughter of Louis by an unknown wife or concubine.

Another woman, Adélaïs, is traditionally regarded as the daughter of Hugues le Méfiant and Ava de Morvois. She was wife successively of Conrad le Vieux and Robert le Fort. Some modern genealogists think there were two women, aunt and niece - an elegant solution, but there is no information either way.

I've made these changes to Geni several times in the past few years, but the line always ends up getting put back, so someone must have better information.

6/12/2012 at 2:59 AM, won't you cast your eye over this for me? I've been alerted by a user to a mismerge in this area, and managed to stop the knock on merge effect on those where I was manager going through, but some of the profiles (including this one, I think) are already on the slippery slope to being FUBARED :-)

But I haven't been working on this line for a while, and when I'm untangling suspected knots I prefer to have a wingman to keep an eye on the threads.

I can't find obvious evidence for this woman being Lothar's wife. So want to begin by disconnecting that as the possible mis-merge.

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