Don't Shoot the Messenger but we no longer have a direct SA duPlessis connection to Charlemagne :-(

Started by Sharon Doubell - Still at the beach on Sunday, June 3, 2012


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6/3/2012 at 6:41 AM

Unfortunately the depressing result of corrections on the crossover between the du Plessis & the de Richelieu lines (tracked on this discussion: is that the du PLessis line is no longer directly connected to Charlemagne,
as it was relying, not on the du Plessis connection, but on the de Richelieu connection.

Once we established that these two cousin Francois duPlessis: and had been accidentally(?) merged into one person (not just on Geni, but by the genealogical history prior to Geni), it was quickly apparent that

the de Richelieu Francois duPLessis' line to Charlemagne is through his mother; whereas our Francois du Plessis' ancestor is the de Richeliu Francois' cousin only on the paternal line.

I have put the family trees and sources onto the du Plessis project; but felt I needed to give a heads-up to all those who suddenly find the line to Charlemagne is no longer there.

Does anyone have documents under their mattress that can 'pull a rabbit out of the hat on this one'? :-(

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