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Started by V on Friday, June 29, 2012


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2012년 6월 29일 7:04 AM

I can guess most of this text, but could it be possible for a dual translation to English?
I would like to be absolute before I add any profiles to this project.

2012년 6월 29일 9:06 AM

we will give it a try, ok, for I got the information from wiki and maybe there was an english and french a/o german version too, so give me some time to search for it properly. It took already quite some time to get this in the right order, but I am the daughter of a officer in WWII+after, so I am educated with these kinds of ranking. groetUnujMu.

2012년 6월 29일 1:04 PM

sounds like a plan.

2012년 6월 29일 1:10 PM

geni is one big plan, I think. But every geni-members gives its own way of contributions, here in the Netherlands, Europe, we are very busy to get a proper insight in the Olympians in London this summer and we made a huge effort to get all the Titanic victims somewhere good documented in this genealogical platform. You like to work together with some of us? If so, please join:

and you will friends and neighbours all over this globe, I'm sure for I experienced it myself. groeten van jeannette from holland, europe.

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