Identifying locked profiles

Started by June Barnes on yesterday


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yesterday at 9:31 AM

Is there a way of identifying locked profiles on the tree, in lists etc. without actually trying to edit them? Would be helpful if there was!

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yesterday at 9:34 AM

They have a lock on them.

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yesterday at 9:48 AM

Not on my screen - that's only once I open edit profile.

yesterday at 10:44 AM

I see no padlock on the page of a locked profile (mine or another's) and if I go into the edit page there are no padlocks - only if fields are locked.

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yesterday at 11:12 AM

This profile is "field locked":

John Alden, "Mayflower" Passenger

This profile is "locked":
Unknown Father of John Alden

- explain what you see in various views (profile, tree, edit)
- ask an interested non curator / profile manager to compare with their views

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Today at 1:38 AM

Locked profile: Sir Elly Kadoorie

I am a manager of this profile. I did not lock it.

Is this where I report it as locked ?

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Today at 3:01 AM

On the locked profile 'Unknown Father of John Alden':

-Nothing different until I go into Edit this profile: then twds the top on the left this message in bold black:

This profile is currently locked and may only be edited by curators.

No padlock icons anywhere.

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Today at 3:15 AM

Annelise I will add the profile to project for you. Maybe we need a dedicated discussion for "curator please add this locked profile."

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Today at 3:28 AM

Thanks Erica. I am not sure what the purpose is of adding locked profiles to this project, but if there is a purpose then please note also Sir Elly's wife and son and mother-in-law
Laura Kadoorie
Sir Lawrence Kadoorie, Baron Kadoorie
Miriam Mocatta

I see that four curators have curator statements on this project to explain why they lock profiles. They are very helpful. Is it intended that all curators who lock profiles make such a statement? Is there a list somewhere of how many profiles each curator has locked at any time? If so, then it would probably be useful for the curators with the most locked profiles to explain their actions.

In particular, it would be useful to know what non-curators can do to help curators so that curators can unlock?

What I find particularly difficult is locked profiles that have empty About. Probably most people who would have something to say in the About field will just walk away when they see it locked, and we may lose their input forever. I can understand locking against bad merges, but why lock a blank About field? What is there to lock?

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Today at 3:40 AM

Can somebody explain this to me too? Why you are adding profiles to the project? Isn't it easier to unlock them if there are only 2 managers?\
See Sir Elly Kadoorie

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Today at 4:24 AM

I am not a curator. I see the lock on "Edit Profile" of Unknown Father of John Alden

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Today at 4:25 AM

I also see the lock on Sir Elly Kadoorie even though I am a manager.

Today at 4:46 AM

I see nothing to identify that any of these profiles are locked - if I go into the Curator's note I see it is locked - I do think we need a note on the profile as to why it is locked - in the curator's note or in About.

I would need to go through all my MP's to identify which are locked but luckily I do add a note with reasons to any that I have deemed necessary to lock.

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