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Started by Peter Rohel on Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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Today at 10:14 AM

Private User -- Yes, I agree with you -- make a lot of noise everywhere. If you have access to your local newspaper or television station, try to get them to help! Better Business Bureau, any agency that protects consumer. Some local television stations dedicate a Consumer Hotline for complaints against UNETHICAL BUSINESSES.

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Today at 10:15 AM

Diana - it was you who put Geni on your naughty Christmas list? I cannot find your post anymore. It made me laugh :-)

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Today at 10:33 AM

I am doing just that...and printing my posts BEFORE they get deleted....
They have sent me a message that they are not deleting posts but I have proof that they are indeed doing that.

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Today at 10:35 AM

Henny..It was ME! "COAL, COAL, COAL!!!" Told ya they are deleting stuff!!!

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Today at 10:57 AM

I should appolgize.. certian things Jason Wills and louis get the better of people.. greed ripping others off and anger come to mind right now and some of us control things better then others

Today at 12:58 PM

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Today at 1:25 PM

We understand how you feel and we greatly value your opinion and trust in us. If it weren't for our users, we would not be able to achieve our goal of building the definitive family tree of the world. As you know, Geni was recently acquired by MyHeritage. MyHeritage has been extremely supportive of our goal to build the World Family Tree and the collaborative community we have cultivated. Unfortunately, MyHeritage does not support lifetime subscriptions and therefore, we will no longer be able to honor lifetime subscriptions.

As policy, we will not discuss individual subscriptions in public. We are more than happy to discuss the matter with you privately, so please send us an email at . Most of the users that have contacted us are more than satisfied with the choices that we have offered.

We admire your passion for Geni and we understand that by signing up for lifetime, you were showing us your lifelong commitment to Geni. We are just as passionate about Geni ourselves and we're really excited for the new opportunities yet to come. We hope that you continue to stick by us and give us a chance to show you that being part of the MyHeritage family is the start of many great things. We have come so far together and there is still so much more that we can do.

You do not have to agree with us and you have every right to express your opinions. However, if you have a question or concern about your subscription, please discuss it directly with us by contacting us at This is not the appropriate forum to discuss punitive actions against Geni. Any such posts will be removed at our discretion

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