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Started by Peter Rohel on Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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yesterday at 7:51 PM

I appreciate your help in this matter, Enrique Treat Gleason-Aguiluz, Esq., and I know that many others here do as well.

yesterday at 7:58 PM

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yesterday at 8:12 PM

@Andrew de Naray: I know you and others do but, unfortunately some think that I have self-appointed myself as everyone's attorney which, as you know, is simply not true!

yesterday at 8:16 PM

Beth Beeman -- My disapointed 14th cousin, I think your are very mistaken. Perhaps you haven't read all of my posts. I am also a victim of this whole mess and, apparently, I am the only California lawyer that has come forward to attempt to help explain the law. I could have remained silent (which I did for a few days) but I chose to help and recruit interested persons with similar feelings (for free) so as to possibly measure an interest in starting a class-action lawsuit against Geni and/or MH. My anger is based on the fact that I simply do not like what Geni and/or MH are doing to some very naive individuals (including senior citizens). Geni is apparently using unethical pressure tactics to force individuals like yourself into unethical settlements without allowing them sufficient time to acquire legal advice which I've been providing for free. In order for me to successfully help people, time is of the essence in this situations and it is for this reason that my conscience told me to get involved and it is also precisely for this reason that Geni removed my post. Geni obviously does not want me giving anyone legal advice.

I purchased my lifetime subscription earlier this year to only learn that they will not be honoring my subscription -- this infuriated me and I, like you, are entitled to express myself with anger and outburst and with the added advantage of having a legal background to help explain to others the law for free. If you call this "self-appointment" -- that is your right. But in my opinion, as I have even stated in previous posts that I am not representing anyone and that I even felt very awkward in doing so because of my position as a California attorney. Some requests for information were privately done through private emails and perhaps I should have responded by private email but, in the end, I felt it was much more expedient for me to offer free legal advice to all victims through this particle thread.

Finally, you don't have to follow my advice. No one on this thread is forcing you to do anything. You can hire the attorney of your choice and I encourage you do so as I informed everyone on my last post that was deleted by Geni. Why did they delete my post? They deleted my post because they are afraid that I have been educating all of you on your legal rights on how you should go forward.

In short, I hope you find a lawyer of your choice and I wish you all the luck with your matter.

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yesterday at 8:45 PM

I have seen comments that folks on automatic renewal continued to renew at their original price -- so for example, one person mentioned his annual renewal within past year was still only $59. Is Geni going to continue to do this? And if so, why is our 5-year renewal at the highest rate it has so far been in Geni's history? Wouldn't it be possible for them to set it at a lower rate?

Not sure, but if I was offered a 5-Year Geni-Membership with automatic renewal at $5, I might be willing to pay the $5 every 5-years to cover the added expense Geni was incurring by complying with MH's policy of no Lifetime Memberships.

Or are the folks whose renewals have been at their previous very low levels also in for a surprise when renewal rolls around? And in that case, can we even assume our renewal rate will not be higher than $417?

yesterday at 9:16 PM

Several years ago I was concerned that this situation would someday happen, also I have been unable to sign into My Heritage and make changes. Since I am fluent in several languages and was born in Sweden, I bought a program to import my family history to a swedish program that none has access to and is totally private on my computer. The young man who designed and developed the program, his name is Henrik Dannberg ( email - and it is a very good program, it's in swedish but you learn quickly where the input data goes and you can print your data etc, import family photos as many as you want.

yesterday at 9:19 PM

MinSläkt - Start
MinSläkt är ett svenskt släktforskningsprogram för Windows. Programmet vänder sig i första hand till dig amatörforskare som vill skapa lite ordning bland uppgifter om släktingar som du själv samlat in.

yesterday at 9:30 PM

When I joined as a Lifetime member I downloaded 108,000 names, tried again today and now there is only 28,000 names. My cousin in Sweden now only has 880 names from the 108,000.
I sure do not want to be affiliated with this group again anytime soon, and we are following the possibility on a Class Action law suit, and punitive damages. See where it leads us.

yesterday at 9:36 PM

Enn Olavi Paadimeister -- I am with you all the way and i do it in honor of all my Swedish ancestors from my paternal great grandparents on back!

yesterday at 9:49 PM

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yesterday at 9:58 PM

This response from Geni CS is now already published in many discussion topics - they will give your money back:
"Thank you for being part of the Geni community. Unfortunately Geni no longer supports lifetime subscriptions. If you are not interested in receiving a 5 year Geni Pro subscription and a 5 year MyHeritage data subscription, which you will be able to use on Geni, we will be happy to refund the full amount you paid for your Geni lifetime subscription.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed. We'd like to work with you on resolving this to your satisfaction. "

yesterday at 10:01 PM
yesterday at 10:08 PM

MyHeritage (USA) Inc.
4778 N 300 W, Suite 230
Provo, Utah 84604

yesterday at 10:25 PM

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yesterday at 10:43 PM

Michael - in my view it is you, not Enrique, who has been being toxic.

This is a thread for folks who are upset at the change to their Lifetime Subscription. If you find it upsetting to read postings full of pain, then stop reading this discussion.

Moreover - Expressing pain is a perfectly acceptable thing for folks to do in the Public Discussions; please stop trying to have discussions stopped and/or deleted simply because you see that happening in them.

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yesterday at 11:12 PM

Well said, Lois. I would take action on personal attacks in public discussions. I don't see that here.

Today at 3:22 AM

Why all of a sudden has all the profiles we made public withing our private tree made non-public against our wishes

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Today at 3:47 AM

Due to MH's stricter privacy policy all "living" profiles are forced to be private, - the only exception are Master Profiles where the curators get a special tool to make a private profile into a Master Profile.

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Today at 5:27 AM

@David Kalieta 12/12/12 7:33 AM post. Now I know why I am feeling more gypped. I got my lifetime membership ( January 29,2010) during the time when was offering discounts. Was not serious when they made that offer way back then. To think that it is only 12/13/12 now. Not even 3 years. If they miscalculated when they did that offer it is their fault. They have to standby with what they offered then.

The answers given by geni's PR staff are very shallow. They too seem not to know what the real score is.

Geni has to standby to what it offered to people who took and paid for that offer in good faith by including a grandfather clause when they made a deal with My Heritage. It is that plain and simple.

The offer of 5 year membership with My Heritage in exchange for the lifetime membership I paid for is out of the question. The quality time I put in in making my family tree with the thought that it will be a lifetime relationship with geni does not amount to that 5 years.

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Today at 5:56 AM

Heritage didn't ever port over the geni tree. Their research tool is not very good....Lifetime membership is a Lifetime membership...

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Today at 6:08 AM


It is not a matter of that I paid 299 for the lifetime membership compared to "The good news is that we are giving you a valuable gift – a 5-year MyHeritage data subscription (a $600 value) – at no additional cost to you. With this subscription you can take full advantage of MyHeritage’s SuperSearch search engine for historical records". (to which I am not interested in)

Geni made an offer

Choose Membership:
* 1 year for $59.40 (only $4.95/month)
* 2 years for $95.04 Save 20% (only $3.96/month)
* 5 years for $148.50 Save 50% (only $2.48/month)
* $299 lifetime Save 80%

And I accepted the offer in January, 2010.

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Today at 8:15 AM

Yes, and are folks who chose the 5-year option then at $148.50 with automatic renewal still going to keep on paying only $148.50 each time their 5-year Membership renews, while all of us that chose lifetime are being charged $417?

[Not that I believe I should be charged anything, so perhaps I should not be making that argument, but it definitely adds to the offensiveness!]

Today at 9:14 AM

Well, the world keeps turning (and changing), if we like it or not. The changes affect different people differently. Those that took Geni Life because it appeared to be a bargain probably should take the money back offer. Others may indeed prefer the MyHeritage 5-year deal. A third group of Geni Lifers has little interest in MyHeritage. Perhaps a fair offer to this group would be the money back offer, coupled with a written agreement to automatically renew their PRO subscription at $25 per year for up to 20 years. This amounts to $500 in preset dollars, and can be cancelled (not renewed) by a subscriber along the way.

For the third group of subscribers, would this additional option be acceptable to MyHeritage?

Today at 9:53 AM

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Today at 10:22 AM

Vello Suigussaar I like your line of thinking for a third option, although since I'm in my 30s, an extra 20 years still isn't equivalent to life. Something that recognises the fact that Geni entered into a lifetime agreement with subscribers is needed, not a simple stonewall saying we can't do that anymore.

What other creative options can people think of?

Today at 10:38 AM

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Today at 11:08 AM

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