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Started by Peter Rohel on Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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Today at 11:10 AM

If a company decides to offer lifetime subscriptions it can only represent two things for the particular company: (1) The company is an honest company that is doing relatively well or (2) The company is a dishonest company that is not doing well; has knowledge that it is not doing well; and out of desperate need begins behaving dishonestly by offering false lifetime subscriptions in exchange for hard cash, all at the same time knowing that it will not be able to honor them in the future -- this is a known deceptive and unethical business practice. Hence, for its mere survival as a company in the marketplace, I believe that Geni intentionally chose to behave dishonestly and therefore belongs in the latter group. Intentional bad behavior can be compensated by wronged consumers and it done through the legal system with a request for not only general damages but also punitive damages.

I only hope people begin to wake-up and smell the very bad and rotten coffee that is being produced by Geni and other similar companies.

By the way, the mere need for hard cash by a company has tremendous value of its own!

Showing 361-361 of 361 posts

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