Elizabeth Woodville (Wydeville), Queen consort of England - Elizabeth Wydiville

Started by Judith Bateman on 2013年6月1日(星期六)


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2013年6月1日上午 3点25分

During the witching hours of May Day on 1464 Elizabeth Woodville sealed her betrothal with lips as pink as gillyflowers. Later when she married her leman , the King brought her kinsman. to court and as they were called "Rivers" staying they "ran too high""Certes" the Queen was called "Melusine", the devil serpent

2013年6月1日上午 7点40分

Elizabeth Woodville is my 17th great-grandmother. Have you ever read Philippa Gregory's "The White Queen?" It's a very good book, unfortunately, but, there's going to be a TV show about it, coming out in August, I believe, which will go by the same name. I can't wait for that!

2013年6月1日上午 8点17分

Judith Bateman is that a quote from Pilippa Gregory's book? If not where is it from?

2013年6月1日上午 8点48分

I have taken the quote from my imagination. But I am a fan of the "The Queens Grey Mare by Rosemary Hawley Jawman. Emily, congratulations on your relationship to Elizabeth Woodville. Well well have to see what T.V. creates out of Philippa Gregorys book. I am not a fan of "The Other Boleyn Girl"

2013年6月2日上午 4点36分

@Elizabeth Woodville Queen consort of England is my 15th great Aunt Judy=Arthur Rice my dad=Israel Tekarihoken Rice his father=Pierre Atawenrate Rice his father=Ignace Awennaietha Deer Rice his father=Marie Madeleine Kiatawinon Deer Rice his mother=Thomas aka Atonwa Aronhiowonen her father=Silas Rice his father=Edmund Rice his father=Elizabeth Rice(King)his mother=Anne King her mother=Henry Collins her father=Ralph Collen his father=Margaret Seymour his mother this is my lineage to my grt aunt Judy Rice

2013年6月2日上午 7点21分

I'll have to read "The Queen's Grey Mare." Hopefully it's better than "The White Queen!"

2013年7月29日上午 2点59分

Elizabeth Woodville is my 6th cousin 14X removed.
I am currently readying The White Queen and while it is not brilliant it does give a lot of insight and information on the period which is very interesting.
Greetings to all of you, cousins.
Daphne Elaine Beames - Cape Town

2013年7月30日上午 6点56分

Has anyone seen "The White Queen?" It's a new T.V. show on Starz, I think, which focuses on Philippa Gregory's novel of the same name. I've heard it's alright, and that it gets better as the series progresses. I would really like to see it.


Whether perfect or imperfect, this sort of historical fiction is great because it inspires us to get interested in people and an era in history.

I loved Here Be Dragons for example.

I'll look up 'The White Queen".


Elizabeth Woodville is my 17th Great Grandmother... I'll have to look for the White Queen on Starz because I am very interested :)
I've watched all of The Tudors and am watching The Borgias :D

2013年7月31日上午 6点43分

I loved "the Tudors" and "the Borgias!" They're great shows. Melissa, do you descend from Elizabeth of York as well?

2013年7月31日上午 8点33分

Elizabeth of York, Queen consort of England is also my 17th Great Grandmother
Both are my 17 Great Grandmothers through Mary Campbell, Countess of Argyll
Elizabeth Woodville through Mary's mother Margaret Stuart, Countess of Moray
and Elizabeth of York through Mary's father James Stuart, 4th Earl of Moray


Dear Judith Bateman: I just recognized your last name as the lineage that my Perrott ap Rice 1600 connects to via Thomas Rice 1570 son Of John Rice II of Rickerson....Do you know if your family connects to the Alswyn Martin who Married firstly David ap Rice and after his death marries into Bateman line? That would be distant couns Im quite sure, but Im still working on the Perrottt to John Rice 1624 of DEDHAM connections...just fyi...nice to see your remarks above! DCR 1948 Rices of Nebraska


Dear Rice family, thankyou so much for your E-mail. Im afraid I have no connection with the Rices, that I know of. I am from Yorkshire. Happy ancestry hunting, Sincerely, Judith Bateman


Melissa Myer, Im not sure if Im related to Elizabeth of York, If so my connection comes through Lady Janet Fleming, Congratulations on your ancestors, Sincerely, Judith Bateman


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