Catharina Elizabeth Frederika MOOLMAN ( Phyffer)

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18/7/2013 в 6:58 до полудня

Hi June,
I see my great great grandmother is not on the list. She was wife of Jan Nicolaas one of the leaders of Moolman Webster Trek.



18/7/2013 в 3:04 после полудня

The list is by no means complete! Please add her!

18/7/2013 в 3:06 после полудня

Judith you need to request to be a collaborate on the project - adding collaborators isn't working properly!

20/7/2013 в 1:23 до полудня

Sorry to have bothered you - in the project it indicates that you will add if we didn't know how.

20/7/2013 в 1:40 до полудня

Yes - but that tool isn't working at the moment! No bother!

20/7/2013 в 10:48 после полудня

Catharina Elizabeth Frederika Moolman ( Phyffer) is in fact in the body project - see

Catharina Phyfer, 1893. (Mrs J N Moolman, 1893). Travelled up with the Moolman - Webster Trek, with two daughters, June and Lettie. Information from Mrs M. Edwards, Chipinga, 14/10/1955. P. 162 "Many Treks Made Rhodesia,” by S. P. Olivier.

Показаны все 6 сообщений

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