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Начал Randy Schoenberg Четверг, 18 Июля 2013


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18/7/2013 в 8:14 до полудня

I am busy adding town projects for each town featured in Hugo Gold's Bohemia book. See

I could use help from everyone else. Have finished A-G so far.

If you have any special requests for Bohemian or Moravian town projects, please feel free to let me know.

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18/7/2013 в 10:33 до полудня

can you add Kamýk nad Vltavou, Příbram District, Central Bohemian Region,

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18/7/2013 в 10:34 до полудня

how can we help?

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18/7/2013 в 4:58 после полудня

Let me know how I can help

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19/7/2013 в 12:50 до полудня

Thank you Andy,
Hugo Gold book in Czech help me very much. I find this book in Israel only Jerusalem. I
live in north of Israel ( after Haifa).
Dana- Daniela Mihailovici

19/7/2013 в 6:05 до полудня

Daniela, I am putting the chapters from Hugo Gold under "documents" on each project page. For Bohemia, I have each town separated out. Not for Moravia, where I just have the entire book at

Shoshana, please help by creating new projects for more towns that are not yet covered. Once you do, either figure out how to add them to the master project page or post the name of the town here and I can help do that for you. Any collaborator on the project can edit the project page and add profiles and documents to the project. The more projects we have, and the more profiles we attach to the various projects, the easier it will be for us all to make connections in the tree.

19/7/2013 в 9:54 до полудня

Wonderful, Randy! fyi, Randy & Shoshana, I'm taking a break from Plzeñ in favor of a more careful reading + documentation of my "ur-Shtetl", Mořina. Here are some towns I'd like to see profiled, all in Beroun district for starters:
Karlštejn, Konopiště, Lochovice, Nalžovice, Suchomasty, Svinaře-

Supporting Randy's plea for searchable place-names,

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19/7/2013 в 5:41 после полудня

Hi Randy,

I figured I'd start from the bottom so I have started Tucap - End, and put them all as "related projects" to the master project. I do not know how to link them from the list of town names in the master project, however. Can you do that part. Also, is Voticich the same as Votice? If so, please delete Voticich. I invited you to be a collaborator in all the projects I started.

Shabbat Shalom!

- Shoshana

19/7/2013 в 9:42 после полудня

Shoshana, I added all the new ones you added to the main project page, and uploaded the Hugo Gold articles to each town project. Thanks for helping me out. Keep going!

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19/7/2013 в 10:35 после полудня

Hi Randy,

Question: When the title of a chapter is, for example. "Tachau und Umgebung" do you want me to (1) start two projects, one each for Tachau and Umgebung, (2) start one project for Tachau and Umgebung combined" or (3) name the project like the pdf names, in this case just "Tachau"? Thanks!

19/7/2013 в 10:47 после полудня

I would just call it Tachau. And in the project description we can refer to the other towns.

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19/7/2013 в 10:56 после полудня

Will do.

I'm up to Stenovicich. I will go back and add second city descriptors for the ones I already started and then continue with the S's.

20/7/2013 в 4:11 до полудня

Dear all of you. Would you, plese, help me to find Prague? Funny, I cann’t find it. Thanks.

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20/7/2013 в 12:15 после полудня
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20/7/2013 в 7:33 после полудня

Hi All! I might take a couple days off to work on the Burma Jewish project.

22/7/2013 в 7:15 до полудня

We're making progress. Need to work on setting up projects for the towns in from letter K to P.

23/7/2013 в 1:26 после полудня

Randy, Assume you you will include Bucovice, and when I get back to civilization, I will send you a (very poor) translation of the section on Jews from a book on the history of the town.
Also wonder if there is any interest in Damborice (about which I unfortunately know nothing.)
Liulot Schueller Moorman

23/7/2013 в 10:34 после полудня

The Moravian towns are already done.

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24/7/2013 в 6:08 до полудня

Hi Randy,
Can you pls add Nachod?
Thanks and best regards,
Thomaz Schur

24/7/2013 в 6:10 до полудня


Would you do Kunratice u Prahy?

Thanks, Ann

24/7/2013 в 7:16 до полудня

It is very easy to create projects. See
The harder part is editing the main umbrella project page so that the new town projects are linked up properly on the list. Filling in the list will go faster if everyone helps in creating the projects.áchod-Bohemia-Cz...

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24/7/2013 в 7:51 до полудня

Randy, is it possible to do queries in the geni database to find people who were born or died in a particular town?
For my family, I had to download my forest as a gedcom to Reunion software on my macbook and queried that. But if we could query the geni database directly we could get complete lists and not just of those who have been added manually....
unfortunately the gedcom generated by geni has bugs ( I had it checked by Reunion ) and some of the birth places are stored in the memo field. I have indicated this to the geni helpdesk a while back but have had no response.

24/7/2013 в 8:06 до полудня

The best way to find people is to use Google, because Geni does not yet allow town-only searches. So go to google and search like this

town +

24/7/2013 в 8:08 до полудня

Remember that all public/deceased profiles can be added to a project. That is a great way to help build up the projects, by finding and adding profiles to the project and inviting their managers to collaborate on the project.

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24/7/2013 в 8:53 до полудня

thx....will try that

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24/7/2013 в 11:10 до полудня

Great, that works
I have added profiles you manage to Kamýk nad Vltavou

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25/7/2013 в 11:30 до полудня

mmm...cannot invite their managers as collaborators if they are not in my tree as I don't have a PRO there a work around??

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28/7/2013 в 7:27 до полудня

where to put families from Trebnice Dublovice Doubravice Pricovy ?

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28/7/2013 в 7:39 до полудня

Maybe I should include Dublovice, Trebnice and Příčovy in Sedlicany as they are so close?

28/7/2013 в 7:51 до полудня

You should be able to invite from the manager's profile page, I think. And if you collaborate or are in family group then you can add from the project page, I think. Not sure if this has anything to do with pro membership.

You can certainly add neighboring villages to the town project. Many of these Bohemian towns had only a few families, so it makes sense to combine the nearby towns into one community, I suppose.

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