technical difficulties

Начал Private User Четверг, 25 Июля 2013


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25/7/2013 в 5:59 после полудня

Geni was having "technical difficulties". To me it seemed like it was coming because the server seemed to be slow. And it still doesn't look OK?

25/7/2013 в 6:56 после полудня

Geni announced via Facebook earlier today that they were having some problems and that they were working on them. I'm having no issues at all at the moment.

26/7/2013 в 4:33 после полудня

The Location function was not working for me earlier today; same problem happened before.

Private User
29/7/2013 в 11:04 до полудня

same here Judith. on and off. sometimes not when you want to edit a profile, sometimes also when you add a new profile

Private User
29/7/2013 в 12:48 после полудня

I am fine with the location entries, but conducting searches for projects is not consistently working for me. It works exactly every other time. On the off times, I get a technical difficulties error message. I use Chrome if that matters.

Private User
29/7/2013 в 1:15 после полудня

acc to Geni Chrome is the preferred browser

Private User
30/7/2013 в 5:46 до полудня

stopped working again when editing an existing profile

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