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8/3/2013 at 2:56 PM

****According to this book this family of Seaton was better known by the Stile of Winton.***


sayes brother to Ninian Seaton laird of Touch in Stirlingshire a family that was if I mistake not a branch of the ancient family of Seatons better knowen by the stile of Winton descended from Alexander de Seaton whom Sir James Dalrymple gives us as a witnes in a charter of our King David to the very ancient family of Riddel of that Ilk Whatever be in this this gentlman as was ordinary at this time had education and probably for services in the church
This Ninian Seton is the same person as Sir Ninian Seton, 3rd of Touch, found elsewhere in Geni. It is therefore being merged.
Sir Ninian Seton, 3rd of Touch

Alexander Seton, Friar

Alexander Seton, Sir

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8/5/2013 at 2:05 AM

Notice this book talks of The Arms of Wyntoun, dated in Stirling 2nd January 1411.


PAGE- 608
Charter of confirmation by James I King of Scotland confirming a charter of his cousin John Stewart formerly Earl of Buchan to David de Wintoun of the lands of Andyt in the earldom of Buchan to be held by the said David and Janet of Keth hii spouse and their heirs male whom failing by Ingcram de Wyntoun cousin of the said David and the heirs male of his body whom all failing by his nearest heirs male bearing the name and arms of Wyntoun Dated at Stirling 2nd Jannary 1411 Witnesses Malcolm Flemyng Lord of Bygurc Alexander Scton Lord of Gordon and others The charter of confirmation is dated at Edinburgh 17th September 1423

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I think ye olde Englishe might be confusing ye.

"the stile of Winton" in my (humble) opinion in modern English would read "the style of Winton".

I think the author is saying that there is a family commonly known as Winton who are a branch of the Seaton family.

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Today at 12:55 AM

Exactly what I'm talking about Alex, so how come the only ones I see on Geni is the ones that I have put? Where is all the Winton family of Seton at?

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Today at 4:42 AM

Branches of the Seton family:

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Today at 4:44 AM
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Today at 4:51 AM

Now the branch of Seton this book is referring to from what I understand, is of Ninian Seton, and what I am wondering is why his last name is not Winton if they are better known by the Style of Winton? I don't see the Edmondstone's, Falside's, Gordon's, Montgomerie's, Oliphant's, and Tytlers surnames carrying the Seton surname.

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Today at 5:09 AM

The Scottish Wintons derive their name from the lands of Winton in the parish of Pencaitland, East Lothian. Early examples of the name recording include Alan de Wintoun of Soltre, Scotland in 1214,

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Today at 5:11 AM

Henry de Wincester
Henry De Wyntoun, of Wrychhouses (Wrighthouses) - Kept his fathers Surname of WINTON *NOTE* Later Chronicler of Scotland..... Andrew Wyntoun

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Today at 5:14 AM Wintons
The Setons were granted the lands of Winton c.1152 by Scotland's King David I, which grant was re-confirmed in a charter to them, to Philip de Seton, from William the Lion in 1169. Philip de Seton bestowed Winton on his 2nd son who thus became de Winton and who's descent Alan de Winton later married the heiress Margaret Seton. Alan's eldest son, William adopted his mothers surname and continued the line of the Seton's and became the 1st Lord Seton.[2]

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Today at 5:54 AM

Eventually the direct male-line of the Seton's ended with the heiress Margaret de Seton, who married her cousin Alan de Winton, himself a Seton descended from Philip de Seton who had recieved the Charter of the Lands of Winton in 1169, and who's branch of the family had taken their name of Winton from their estate of Winton which they had recieved in patrimony.

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Today at 6:58 AM

Other Male-lines of the Seton Family (surname change)
Winton Johnstone Tytler Edmonstone Seton-Karr

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Today at 7:29 AM

From Philip stems the family of Winton, and in the style of the times, his son took as their family name that of their estate. Sources: "The History of the House of Seytoun to the Year MDLIX", Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington, Knight, with the Continuation, by Alexander Viscount Kingston, to MDCLXXXVII. Printed at Glasgow, MDCCCXXIX. "A History of the Family of Seton during Eight Centuries" George Seton, Advocate, M.A. Oxon., etc. Two vols. Edinburgh, 1896"An Old Family" Monsignor Seton, Call Number: R929.2 S495

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