Sarah Webster - Sarah Webster doesn't appear to have been married to Thomas Mudgett

Started by Private User on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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9/10/2013 at 4:41 PM

Thomas Mudgett, Jr. was first married to Sarah Clements Morrill Mudgett . While I was working up a quickie profile on Thomas Mudgett (my 9th grgrandfather), I encountered a problem with the woman shown in the tree as his second wife. Nothing I've found indicates that he was married to Sarah Webster Lane Magoon .

His first wife (above) was a different Sarah (Sarah Clements Morrill) and her position in the tree, as well as that of her children, is correct.

However, the children attributed in the tree to Sarah Webster actually belong to Thomas' second wife, Ann French, widow of Richard Long, as shown:

Thoams Mudgett, Jr. married Ann (French) Long (10 March 1659 - c.1701) in 1695. The widow of Richard Long, Ann had eight known children with him prior to his death: Elizabeth Long, William Long, Richard Long, Susanna Long, Joseph Long, Sarah Long, Eleanor Long, Sarah Long. Her children with Thomas Mudgett, Jr. were:
1. William Mudgett (16 October 1696 - before 15 June 1730) married Dinah Davis, daughter of Stephen Davis
2. Thomas Mudgett (born 2 January 1698 - 1745) married Elizabeth Smith
3. John Mudgett (born 17 December 1700 - between 18 April 1746 and 28 May 1746) married Susanna Scribner

Ann does not appear in the tree. It looks as though the original 'Ann French' profile was merged into Sarah Webster not too long ago. I started this discussion so that the managers of this family group can discuss - and hopefully come to a consensus - about what should be done.

If none of the profile managers has evidence to support the Thomas Mudgett - Sarah Webster marriage, my suggestion is that we create a new profile for Ann French, assign the children to her, and cut Sarah Webster free (she has a tree above her, so cannot simply delete or modify her profile).

Discussion/comments/suggestions? Thanks, everyone, for any help you can give!

Tagging profile managers and curators (in no particular order):
Angus Wood-Salomon
Private User
David Wark
Private User
Private User
Private User
Private User
Private User
Geoffrey Trowbridge
Robert Stanley
Private User
Kevin Hanit
Private User
Nancy Gale
Sandra Billets
Scott Hibbard
Jonathan Rose
Private User
Catherine "Erin" Spiceland
Private User
Mark Woodward
Martin Eriksen
Geoffrey Trowbridge

Private User
9/10/2013 at 5:42 PM

Private User,

This is a part of the tree that was recently horribly vandalized by a user with a free trial Pro account. She merged many profiles together, both male and female, from several different generations before her account was terminated by Geni. I believe the indication of marriage between Sarah Webster and Thomas Mudgett is either a result of the attempt to start repairing the damage, or from the vandalism itself. Note the profiles marked "do not merge" nearby, and the horrendous mess in the area of Daniel Chase just two generations down from Sarah. In other words, almost everything in the part of the tree over 3 or 4 generations is completely hosed.

I am one of many curators who have been scratching their heads about how to repair or rebuild this part of the tree. As a next step, I think we might want to take an inventory of ALL of the affected (or potentially affected) profiles in this area and start collecting the information necessary to rebuild from scratch. I honestly cannot imagine a way to surgically separate everything without creating orphans out of most of the profiles involved. Yes it's very, very sad, but repairing/rebuilding it is the only option at this point.

But where to begin?

Private User
9/10/2013 at 8:07 PM

Oh, that's so sad, David. It's heartbreaking that one person could do so much damage.

I wonder if we should start a project specifically aimed at repairing this part of the tree? Then we'd have a place to gather the profiles that need work, as well as the ability to recruit a team to help with the work...

Private User
9/11/2013 at 4:17 AM

I think that's an excellent idea, Jennifer. That might also be a good place to discuss possible courses of action for the repair effort. Once we have an accounting of all profiles affected, then we can start removing all wrong connections from each of them. This will create many orphans, but at least we won't lose track of them and will hopefully be able to reconnect them in the right places eventually.

When creating the project, I think it would be helpful to divide affected profiles into at least two groups: 1) profiles whose data contents have been clearly corrupted by incorrect merging, and 2) profiles that have wrong connections, but otherwise appear to contain valid data. Unfortunately, most profiles that fall into category 1) may need to be eventually deleted once we copy and paste any salvageable data out of them.

Private User
9/11/2013 at 10:26 AM

I think the two categories idea is a really good one. Okay, that gives us a place to start. Who was it who said that all you need to plan are the first three steps because the rest will fall into place once you get started? ;-)

Since you have a more macro view of the problem, do you want to create the project?

Private User
9/11/2013 at 11:33 AM

Since there are other curators involved, I'd like to hear their feelings about this "controlled burn" proposed approach before stepping on their toes.

The other concern is that, as soon as we start breaking connections, there will likely be a flood of complaints to Geni about why their trees have suddenly [apparently] shrunk because this renegade curator (me) has removed parents and spouses from profiles that they [jointly] manage, so I need to know that Geni is prepared to deal with that interim fallout during demolition and reconstruction.

Once I get the all clear, I can create the project.

Private User
9/11/2013 at 12:51 PM

That makes total sense, David. I'm assuming that tagging everyone, curators included, at the beginning of this discussion will have been enough to get the curators involved, and that you can take care of working with admin on their end of it. I'll step back and wait for you to let me know when and what to do next. Thanks so much for your assistance with what I thought was going to be a quick fix but is turning out to be much more!

Private User
9/11/2013 at 1:01 PM

Well actually, I have already taken one step: I have already disconnected Thomas Mudgett from Sarah Webster.

Private User
yesterday at 8:49 AM

Private User, I've created the project. It is under the name "Chase / Lane / Rundlett / Huntoon and surrounding areas Damage Recovery".

Private User
yesterday at 10:29 AM

Thank you so much, David, I think this is a very important effort.

Private User
yesterday at 12:29 PM

Okay, Sarah Webster has been disconnected from Thomas Mudgett and his authenticated second wife has been reconstructed: Ann French Long Mudgett Magoon

I plan to work on the Mudgett-Morrill-Long-French area of the tree for awhile, at least until I can get my direct ancestors and their immediate families in order. Will do what I can to help with the cleanup in the damaged section.

yesterday at 12:40 PM

Person's involved with Vandalized profiles.

Hiromimarie has asked 'Please hold off on repairing the parts of the tree that were merged incorrectly until further notice. Mike is going to try to undo some of the damage today.'

Today at 8:45 AM

I really hope Mike will be able to fix this

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