Rice Pudding Part 2, Quest For Truth

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Private User
yesterday at 1:50 PM

We are all on the same journey here. And like so many others who have come before him, he is a man obsessed with a dream of discovery. Let us not discourage his efforts as he continues his quest for the truth. If you can be of assistance, then please join in.
This is NOT a place to post your GENi-link relationships to the profiles mentioned. This is NOT a place to be intentionally disruptive or "snarky". Surely, by working together, in a constructive manner, we can either prove or disprove the theories put forth by one Dale C. Rice as he tries to honor his Father's memory by researching The Story. As my Grand Father always said, "It is better to know the truth, even if it is not what you wanted to hear, than to spend your days in the agony of not knowing."

Private User
yesterday at 1:52 PM

Hello, Dale C. Rice

I hope you like the title of this discussion, and the opening statement.

yesterday at 1:59 PM

YES, I do....Clever and accurate! DCR 1948

Private User
yesterday at 2:02 PM

lol Rice pudding :) Get 'R' Done.... Mr. Rice

Private User
yesterday at 2:13 PM

Now, the most important thing is to start tagging, so let's do that first.
There are two ways to "tag" on GENi, but I don't really care for that phrase, so let's call it a "link", because that is what it really is.
You are creating a "link" to the page or place or website or GENi profile that you want someone to see.
A good example is this discussion, which is number 129552.
But those numbers don't give us easy access to the discussion, do they?
If I cut and paste the URL for the discussion, I can place this blue lettered link http://www.geni.com/discussions/129552 into the post I am creating.
Now instead of seeing just the black numbers and being told nothing at all, you can click the link and be told everything.
Can you Cut and Paste the URL?
There is no shame in being confused about computers.
My Grandfather was a Genius and he through the computer my father bought for him out of the window. And I mean right through the glass.
Please advise.

Private User
yesterday at 2:15 PM

Even I have trouble . . .I just typed "through" instead of "threw" because I was thinking about the computer being "thrown".

yesterday at 2:38 PM

I don't know what you mean by cut and paste.....is that the same as typing in data and hitting the @ button? or some other action . I recall being to click, Control S ? don't recall now as that was a year ago and never used it again...sorry if I seem less than savy...DCR

yesterday at 2:41 PM

Will be back in an Hour....sorry. It's my turn to respond I know....will be back after 4pm...regards

Private User
yesterday at 2:47 PM

Do not fret. It's like anything else. You don't know how because no one ever showed you how. Once you know how, it's easy.
Respond when you can.
And remember that people who are serious about getting work done on GENi are usually working on several things at once, so be patient.
I will keep checking in and when you get back we will continue.

yesterday at 4:27 PM

Okay, 4:23 PM West Coast Time....I gather that's 6:23 PM to you Mr. W. hope you have a moment to review the basics with moi! LOL I have the sneaking suspicion I know or did know how to do this once upon a time because i did get my photos from FB to this site under Family Photo's...The picture of my Father and James I & II is rather startling yet I don't see a strong Stewart Connection in the Pedigree of the Churchills which is his direct link with Elizabeth Churchill-Foote ca 1700 ca. Anyhow, Im all ears and fingertips....LOL!

Private User
yesterday at 4:37 PM

So I assume you are using a computer that has a "mouse".
If this is correct, the mouse has two clickable buttons, a "left" and a "right".
The left button is the Select button and the right button is the Function button.
Is this true for your computing situation, the "mouse" with clickable buttons?

yesterday at 4:39 PM

YES, it does.....

Private User
yesterday at 4:55 PM

"Cut" simply means "to select a potion of something" and "Paste" simply means "to then place it somewhere". The left button Cuts IT, and the right button opens a pop-up menu from which you can select the option to Paste IT. In this way you can select a line of text from one place and put it in another place.
The URL is simply the http://www. and so on that you see in the little window that tells you where you are on the World Wide Web (www).
I can go from here with my mouse to there and grab the http://www.geni.com . . .and I will right now . . .and bring it down here, like so http://www.geni.com . . .hold on a second, I'm starting another "post"

Private User
yesterday at 5:00 PM

Now, in the post above this one, because I typed out the http etc., it created a "hyper-link", or link. And, when I did a "cut and paste" function on the URL, that also shows up as a clickable link.
So, you can either, 1) type out the complete URL you want to share as a clickable link, or you can 2) cut and paste a link (which is very handy because most times URL's are way too long to type out), or you can, 3) utilize an already in place system on websites like GENi, which we will discuss net.


Take your time.
Take it easy.
Don't tell the story again . . .yet.
We'll get there.

yesterday at 5:12 PM
yesterday at 5:14 PM

So I can type on until Im ready to post the entire thing, and the Geni program will hilight the name with my comment yes? DCR

Private User
yesterday at 5:28 PM

No. The GENi program is an auto-complete linking system that works independently of the www system.

www links have the http etc. but GENi links to names are internal.

So, on Geni, if you are "following a profile or a person, you can simply type the @ symbol which stands for "at" and then start typing the name of the person.

When you type the @ symbol, wait a second and look at the bottom of your post. You will see the auto-complete function looking for who you are looking for. Once you see the name you want, you can click on it and an automatic link will be placed in your post which connects to that profile. Try one for Elizabeth Lyons right now and post it by itself just for a test. FYI there's some lag-time in the notification process so I'm not seeing your posts until way after you post them.

Private User
yesterday at 5:37 PM

Hold on . . .easy now . . .
Links need to contain a specific amount of information to work correctly.
What you posted above is not a combination of a web address and an email address. Delete that post to protect the owner of the address.
And then try the @ method to link to Elizabeth Lyons

Private User
yesterday at 5:38 PM

I meant to type "What you posted above IS a combination of a web address and an email address."

yesterday at 5:56 PM

Margaret Churchiil is the sister of Elizabeth Wydville daughter of Elizabeth Lyon@

yesterday at 5:57 PM

system non responsive now...better let it cool off....DCR

Private User
yesterday at 5:58 PM

The link for Esther Cookston works though . . .so you have created a link to her. I clicked it and it took me to her profile, which is Private.
The Elizabeth Lyons link did not work, but that's Ok.
Don't try to do too much at one time.
Stay calm.
The computer can be the most useful tool ever designed . . .OR it can be an absolute nightmare. But it's all in how you use it. A good analogy would be swinging a hammer. You can build a house or smash your thumb. It's all up to you. The tool is just a tool.
Try again. Make another link to a person or profile on GENi.

Private User
yesterday at 5:59 PM

For reference on what W is explaining


How do I tag a profile to a discussion?

Private User
yesterday at 6:13 PM

Dale C. Rice

Hold on . . .
Relax . . .

Posting and Deleting Posts and posting again only makes things worse.
Slow down . . .take it easy.
If you make mistakes that's Ok. Leave them be.
I only asked you to delete that one specific post because it contained part of someone's email address that should not be public.

Remember the steps . . .
1) type the @ symbol
2) wait a second, until the auto-search pops up
3) then slowly start typing the name while looking for the match in the auto-search
4) click the match
5) you have created a link.

yesterday at 7:11 PM

I will now link Elizabethy Lyons Dorothy J. who is my sister, Las Name Monnier to her Mother Mildred and her mother Esther and her mother Marie. Now, if I recall, if I am off Geni then I can Left Click once to copy the site Im on and then Right Click and What? DCR

yesterday at 7:26 PM

Will be bck after 8:30Pm have to give way on the Apple to Partner: It's his ! LOL Kind regards to all who came to my aid!!!! DCR

Private User
yesterday at 7:38 PM

Now we're getting somewhere.
The link for Elizabeth Lyons didn't work, because there's a "y" after Elizabeth, as in "Elizabethy". But the other four names are links, and that is good.

Copying from a website is a little more tricky. But it is not hard.
If you want to copy and paste a link to a website, you have to be careful how much of the link you copy. If you want just the site itself, you stop at .com and paste just that. If you want to copy the website and something on the website as well then you copy the whole URL and paste the whole thing.
So . . .let's say GENi is in the box, but the URL keeps going past the length of the box and you cannot see it.
left-click on the URL and then right-click and hit COPY
then left-click on your post and right-click and hit PASTE

Give it a try.

Private User
yesterday at 7:41 PM

Dale, if you have someone there with you who owns an Apple computer, how is that they have not already taught you how to cut and paste and browse the web?
Are you putting us on?

yesterday at 10:26 PM

Uhhhh, No....He's just not part of this part of my life....odd I know, perhaps he can help with the non geni part....He's never been to the site at all ever so he has no clue. fyi....The insturctions for the @ were the start I needed to get going.

yesterday at 10:36 PM

I am attempting to link Mary Hall Rice Mary Rice to Elizabeth Churchill Foote Elizabeth to Elizabeth Woodville Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort of England

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