Sir Walter Plummer - This. Profile. Is. FRAGGED!

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Private User
yesterday at 11:42 PM

There is something HUMONGOUSLY wrong with this profile. It cannot be merged, even with a stripped-bare shell profile. Attempts to do so result in a crash with "Technical Difficulties".

He is not the father of Francis Plummer, of Newbury Francis Plummer of Newbury, MA (whose parents were John Plummer and Elizabeth Driver).

He is probably not the father of Thomas Plummer, of Anne Arundel Thomas Plummer of Anne Arundel, MD.

He may be the founder of the Plummer family of Bermuda.

OR he may be the Sir Walter Plummer who was conned by Robert Wright circa 1660 or thereabouts, as a means of getting Wright out of debt.

But he can be only one of these - not both.

Private User
Today at 1:44 AM

You're right - the profile is fragged. Let's go with the new guy

Sir Walter Plummer

I moved your notes over and cut loose the old guy. Maybe someone will have success some other day.

Today at 5:24 PM

I agree. There was a Sir Walter Plummer, but there isn't any reliable evidence to connect him with anyone.

Private User
Today at 5:35 PM

Thanks Linda! I read that "90% of American Plummers descend from 3 unrelated immigrants : of Anne Arundel, of Newbury, and of VA"

My luck, I'll be in all 3 lines. :)

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