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Private User
Today at 5:22 PM

What Christmas related profiles are on Geni and who's related to them?

I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) often on Christmas, so I'm happy to find out that

James "Jimmy" Stewart is my 15th cousin, twice removed.

Today at 7:42 PM

Lionel Barrymore is my 16th cousin five times removed.
Lionel Barrymore

James "Jimmy" Stewart is your 17th cousin thrice removed.

Private User
Today at 8:33 PM

The Grinch
No relation.

Private User
Today at 8:37 PM

No relation to the Grinch's real father either.
; )
Dr. Seuss

Private User
Today at 8:41 PM

Gene Autry, 22nd cousin once removed.

Gene Autry

"Autry is best known today for his Christmas holiday songs, "Here Comes Santa Claus" (which he wrote), "Frosty the Snowman", and his biggest hit, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

Private User
Today at 8:59 PM

No relation to Charles Dickens, who seems to have "Started family tree"

Which does not seem to include Ebenezer of the Duck family, whom I've reported, sadly, as a "fake" profile. Perhaps the same should be done for Monsieur Grinch?

Private User
Today at 9:16 PM

Take a look at Mr. Grinch. All the family members viewable should be reported as "fake", in my opinion. (And on a side note, I'm pretty sure that most of the living members of the royal families would not be pleased to see their profiles.)
But to get back on track, and speaking of The Christ Mass . . .

Jesus of Nazareth
No relation . . .no path found.

Private User
Today at 9:27 PM

"The Bishop's Wife" is one of my Christmas Favorites (for reasons all-too-well known by those who really know me) and so "Archie", who plays the "visiting Angel" (and who is the ex-husband of the ex-wife of my fourth cousin five times removed) is worth a mention.
Cary Grant

Private User
Today at 10:07 PM

Laura Virginia Douglas believed in Santa up to the end. No connection into the big tree but anyone is welcome to join in, build out her family, and help find one.

Same for reporting fakes - anyone can do. :)

Private User
Today at 11:32 PM

I looked for a list of "christmas movies" and somewhat oddly, "The Apartment" is thought one here:

No relstionship to Samuel Billy Wilder but Shirley MacLaine is my 16th cousin, twice removed.

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