de Villiers, Pama numbering system

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Today at 11:20 AM

There has been some discussion and debate among the curators concerning the de Villiers, Pama number numbering system recorded in the Suffix field.

One one side there is the view that the numbers resemble a DNA sequence and are misleading to non SA users. Others feel the number can become very long and cumbersome. Still others are concerned that there is no mechanism to check and update numbers that should or have been changed due to newly found offspring…
That said, the numbering system is fairly well entrenched on our tree and a lot of users find them to be beneficial in confirming matches and thereby reducing the chance of an incorrect merge…

The reason for this discussion then is to inform our collaborators and get feedback for a decision to limit the number in the Suffix field to only the last 5 digits, but to record the compete number in the AKA field.
e.g. b2c3d5e7f6g9h1i12j2 would go in the AKA and i12j2 in suffix field

Today at 12:20 PM

I"m happy with that Donovan

Today at 12:27 PM

I can agree with that, I'll start to change mine asap

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