The Role of inductive Logic in finding missing family members on Geni

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The below discussion will be about how to assemble the links here on Geni which can point you to family affiliations and names that are part of a family group outside one's information base. The idea of Inductive logic is that the information developed may be wrong and that must be acknowledged in the beginning...but the family's other ancestors which are not know could have the children or siblings or ancestors which are not part of your family information.... Therefore, looking at those connecting famlies and all their spouces and Children and siblings can yield a track to follow in finding a missing person.

In my case, I used this form of reasoning to reconstruct a family picture garbled by tiime, 38 years in fact, and was able to recall the names of various persons mentioned in that testimony of my father as means of tracking down relationships. We found by this method, the Birth Baptismal Certificate for JOHN RICE 1630 of North Walsham, England and the Birth Mother: Margaret RICE ca 1618. My descriptions of this event was a springboard for others to use their skills of evaluation to look where I could not possibly have imagined looking. They found my Ancestor by thinking first INDUCTIVELY....then once finding a single clue were able to Deductively find the Baptismal Certificate.

It is a great example of acknowledging that this could be wrong but lets look anyway...and then tracking down the missing persons and in this case a baptismal certificate. Once that was done, the pieces of a very old and complex story began to fall into place which led to the names of the PRIME Actors in my family Drama. So if you are at a Roadblock in your search. Bring it here, and we can try to find the answeres by conversation of historical facts as they relate to your search. Dale C. Rice 1948 of the Nebraska Rice lineage of John Rice 1630 married to Ann Hackley November 1649.

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yesterday at 11:58 PM John Parratt II "The Quaker: Father to John RICE of DEDHAM Ma. Born to the daughter of PERROTT ap RICE 1600 and Maragret Littleton of TENBY in the year 1630 and registered at North Walsham, England 1630.

These two links show up in my family ancestory at a secondary or indirect link because I have no doccument which proves the Paternity of John RICE of DEDHAM is Parratt II of Havorford West. Near his ancestoral home at Carew Castle and but 5 miles from the ap RICE home near Tenby. Thus, in the year 1629 while Parratt II was plundering a French Merchant ship at Havorford West some opportunity arose which put Parratt together with Perrott ap RICE 1600 and his daughter Margaret.

This is pieced together from Historical doccuments which place the Father in 1629 within the family or Perrott by Aural History 1978/ The 12 year old girl was forced to give the child up and good Puritan stock were near by. The ALLIN family but Scarborough and Davis family's lived in North Walsham where the Baptism occured. North WAlsham is on the coast of the English Channel about two days sailing East of TENBY. fyi

Today at 12:09 AM This is official link which explains the joint research project conducted here on GENI for 9 months and counting. It gives the details without endorcing my more inductive approach.

It is to your advantage to link up with the masters of Geneaolgy here in residence to help those of us who get side tracked or stuck in our own investigations. They will help you if you ask for it. Good Luck in your searches...Mine continues for the person "Charity RICE born about 1630 and married to my 3 rd ggrandfather Edward Rice of Ma. DCR

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