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6/2/2014 at 1:47 PM

He can't have been christened years before he was born. According to the best sources I've been able to turn up (listed under Sources in overview), his parentage is unproven. Would it be better to disconnect him from the current parents: John Fryeth (aka Norman) and Esprota de Senlis?

I did the best I could in sorting out the children and their dates and places of birth in his overview, as they've been in a real muddle. I'd like to correct their profiles to reflect the information in his overview if none of the managers object.

If anyone has a copy of the TAG article listed in his Sources: Mahler, Leslie. "English Origin of Richard Norman of Salem, Mass." The American Genealogist (TAG). NEHGS, Boston, Massachusetts, Vol. 77: No. 2: 102-3 (Apr 2002), that would be very helpful.

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