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Started by Mike Stangel on today


Today at 1:37 PM

Geni Discussions are a great way to communicate with other users, either publicly or with just your Family Group via private discussions. Whenever you interact with a discussion or a profile you follow is tagged in a discussion, Geni will notify you (see below for how to turn this off). Since there could be many such notifications, they are held for one day and then sent together as a "digest" email. The types of interactions that will cause you to be notified of new messages in a discussion are:

* You follow the discussion by clicking the Follow button at the top
* You replied to the discussion
* You or a profile you follow is tagged in the discussion (remember by default you follow the profiles you manage / added)

NEW: You will see yellow highlighting behind discussion messages that count as an interaction.

NEW: Once any of these interactions occurs, you will receive notification of new messages to that discussion thread for two days and 10 messages after the interaction. After two days have passed and at least 10 new messages have been posted since your last interaction, the notifications will stop.

You can opt out of receiving discussion digests entirely by de-selecting "new messages to discussions I follow (once daily max)" on the Notifications Settings page or by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any discussion digest email.

If you've turned off the discussions digest and want to re-enable it to try the new, more-relevant design, you can do so on the Notifications Setting page:

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