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Started by Donna Winter/Glenn on yesterday
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yesterday at 7:34 PM

Attention Curators: Please consider Hon. Thomas Chandler's profile for MP. Thank you. Not sure how to create a link. Sorry.

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Today at 12:35 AM

This method worked great. Ashley Odell come take a look, this fellow is fascinating. I am so honored to curate it.

Very well done. Thank you so much.

Today at 12:49 AM

! I actually know about him! I wouldn't have remembered his name, but the Historical Society of Windham County (the Vermont one) did a *great* exhibit last year where they featured old prisoner letters, and they featured him as one of the stories. And it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure that when I last visited the county jail museum next door in Newfane (which was the next county seat), they mentioned a deceased prisoner being left in his cell. Now I can put it all together.

And, like everyone else in Windham County (the Vermont one), he's a second cousin: http://www.geni.com/path/Ashley-Odell+is+related+to+Hon-Thomas-Chan...

Next time I'm up when they're open, I'll see if they have anything for the profile. Great little library area. First place I ever found my name in a genealogy book. :)

Today at 12:49 AM

Thank you, Donna Winter/Glenn! :)

Today at 1:08 AM

Oh, this is fun. :) My David Towne, Soldier, an ancestor through Windham County (the Vermont one!), fought under a Capt. John Chandler. This guy's father was a Capt. John Chandler. My relationship to the Chandlers is through the Towns. So I guess I'll have to trawl Fold3 to see if it's a match.

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