Our connections (to each other and to Budapest)

Started by Gabor Rozsnyai on yesterday


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yesterday at 10:29 PM

Hallo @Roy C Grant, nice to see you here.

You are my first cousin twice removed's wife's sister's husband's brother's wife's second cousin once removed's wife's brother's wife's first cousin thrice removed's husband.

What information you have "about Budapest Czettels, Posners, Frankls, Goldschlagers, Mangolds, Rath-Veghs, Hertzkas, Hertzogs, Szollossis, Sterns, Guttmanns, and several others that fail to instantly come to mind ."

I am living in Budapet and I am connected many of the profiles in this project.

let's have a chat about us, our relatives and about this city

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Today at 12:47 AM

Hi Gabor,
I live in Budapest too, but am not Jewish and don't speak much Hungarian.
My info falls into several distinct areas.
Closest Jewish relatives which are my prime focus were the printing families of Czettel (formerly out of Nagy Abony) and Posner (4 Jewish children from Obuda adopted by the wife of a merchant c 1812-1822)
Spin offs from them were the Hertzkas, Hertzogs, Aschners (Tungsram) Mangolds and Goldschlaegers.
The Posner - Czettel line unites in with Transylvanian Guttmanns, Sterns, Brulls and Jakabs who also made it to BP.

Amongst the many interesting document I possess are all the affidavits and certificates that the family misguidedly provided the authorities with in 1939, thereby ensuring my wife's father was dispatched to a camp. We still have the star that he had to sew onto his clothing even though he left the faith in 1919.

The two most interesting characters in my line are:
[1] Ladislav Czettel (costume designer for films and European Opera houses)
[2] Adel Diosy nee Brull (famed mistress of Hungarian poet, Ady Endre)

Regards Roy

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