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I don't know if anyone would be interested in a project about this or not.

I have entered into Geni my great grandmother's 1/2 brother, Knut Johannesson Volden (Ness). The family doesn't have the names of the parents for Ingeborg Belle (Ness) Anderson, so I didn't know how to enter him as a 1/2 brother other than to make that comment in his About section. I put a long article in his profile about the ship Gjøa. I have a comment that she had a 1/2 brother with the last name of Johnson, but am not even sure if this is that person. She was born in the Rosendal, Hordaland County, Norway area & came to America when she was 18 (around 1874?) & settled in Lisbon, Illinois area.

Half brother of Ingeborg Belle Ness Anderson (1856-1940) was Knut Johannesson Skaala (Skaale) who built the ship called the Gjøa in Rosendal, Norway. (See his profile for the only info I have about him.)
• This ship was used by Roald Amundsen in 1903-1906 to successfully traverse the Northwest Passage, a water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
• The name on his headstone is Knut Volden in Rosendal, Norway.

GENi Site: @Knut Johannesson Volden

Knut Johannesson Volden (Ness) (My 2nd great uncle/ps)
Birth: 1843 Norway
Death: 1900 (57) Norway
Buried in: Rosendal, Norway
Immediate Family:
• [1/2] Brother of Ingeborg Belle (Ness) Anderson
• Knut had three different last names, first Nes, then Skaala, and finally Volden.
Last names were changed as they married a person from a different farm (so he must have been married a couple of times?/ps).
He isn't in my direct line of ancestors, but I would like to have more info about him if anyone in Norway has the time or interest in looking for more about him. I am also unsure whether his last name initially was spelt Nes or Ness. Right now he is sort of "hanging-out-there" and I would like for him to have more family connections. (I am also unsure if I have his name entered correctly in Geni... so could use some help there.)

I am unsure if this is the place for this request or not, but didn't know where else to put it. Would it be better if I put this in the Curators help discussion & request help there??? I know they don't do our research for us, but maybe someone would be willing to take up the challenge & help me find out more about this interesting man.

I am sure there were other shipbuilders in Norway who could be included in this Project. Is there a better title than the bare bones one above??? Would there be any interest in this project???

Or is there another Norwegian Project that he would fit in better???

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I only speak/read English, so attempting to read some of the other Project titles is a challenge.

Thanks for any & all help and suggestions.
Hugs & Angels be with you,
ps: I have Norwegian ancestors on both my mom & dad's side of the family.

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