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Started by Jerry Lewis on today


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Today at 7:22 AM

It looks like you have taken over my family tree on Genie. No one in my family tree knows anyone in yours. How can we separate the trees?

Private User
Today at 8:29 AM

Jerry Lewis, Private User actually has a fairly close connection to you through Scott Knight's ex-wife, but she often ends up with profiles from abandoned trees due to her Curator duties on Geni. Since Geni is a single world tree with the goal of connecting everyone, we rarely separate accurate tree connections. But you can certainly take management of those profiles in your family - something mi² would probably appreciate. You can request management of any of those profiles from the action menu and, if you so choose, you can remove mi² as a manager if it's outside her family group.

Today at 9:06 AM

What Jeff said!

Private User
Today at 9:13 AM

Jerry, you are connected through me through Scott, my cousin Donna's ex husband.

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