Someone messed up my tree - Need help from Pro/Curator to delete profile/relation!

Started by Lasse Embøl Sørensen on today


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Today at 8:57 AM

I allowed someone to merge or collaborate something in my tree, but she has no clue what she's been doing, and now informations are wrong regarding some people. Can I get someone to help me and delete this persons descendants from my tree?

Ellen Marie Kristensen

(also, if you can remove anything that has anything to do with this person: Johanne Lund Eriksen i would be grateful, she has just accepted every merge she came across, so everything is just wrong, at least from Ellen Marie Kristensen and younger.

Thanks a bunch!

Today at 11:27 AM

So she was not wife of Jens Kristian Henriksen

Today at 11:30 AM

Are these her children and is this not correct?
Henrik Kristian Henriksen

Marie Johanne Henriksen

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