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Started by Byron Jason Whitesides on yesterday


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yesterday at 2:04 PM

Just one thing, PLEASE.

I know I have made many posts about problems to be solved, but there is one thing that is more important than anything else, which needs fixing, immediately. You need to revamp your profile matching service, ASAP!

I have hundreds and hundreds of EXACT profiles that are just in the thousands that I manage. After putting up more than 39,000 individual profiles, I am pissed-off that I have to go back through each separate family group to find the doubles when the information is exactly the same. Seems like those should be the first matches to show up, but it isn't doing it. Rather, it shows me matches of profiles that I manage which are slightly different. The ones that are identical, never show up as matches. I have to search a family name, look through my managed profiles, then merge the duplicates. What is up with that??? Do you know how much work that is???

I don't have weeks to search every family name to make the proper connections. Get your IT professionals to get this remedied immediately because it has a significant impact on the relations between people, especially in the French-Canadian part of the tree.

The reality is that highly active users, such as myself, entice non-members to join because they want to learn their family history. The least you can do is ensure the matching system is functioning correctly. It is beyond ridiculous at this point!!! Look for yourself. I have only done 3 families today and there must be dozens more that require immediate attention.


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yesterday at 3:19 PM

Are you saying you entered duplicates yourself, without realizing, and Geni failed to catch it, or ???

yesterday at 3:57 PM

I entered three of each person, in some cases.

Worked the husband's line with wife added. Later worked another part of the tree for the wife with husband added. Then there are children that sometimes married and I always list the parents, but didn't do the lineage all the way up, so there are as many as 3 copies of each and a few had more, depending on how many children they had that were married and where those people were located in the tree.

Yes, Geni never found the matches and they are all exactly identical. How does that happen???

yesterday at 4:13 PM

This is just one very quick example, to prove my point. 2 identical profiles and no match shown to me, causing duplicates in the tree and preventing connections from being made:

Monique Ménard

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yesterday at 4:15 PM

I do have to wonder why in heavens name you created all those duplicates, rather than using the profiles that already existed.

If we are talking about something that happened this month -- Geni may be so focused on slowly churning thru every single one of the profiles and deciding which to switch to Public, that perhaps other jobs are on hold.

Also - did all "duplicates" have same family members (with same names), have birth and death dates as well as names (the same, of course), have same locations - or which info did they have?

yesterday at 4:19 PM

More examples:

Marie-Madeleine Gagné

yesterday at 4:20 PM

I didn't create any profiles like that intentionally. It just depended on where I was working in the tree. Maybe there were several spouses or children that got married and I always like parents.

Look at the creation dates and double-check the data.

yesterday at 4:24 PM

An example of 2 that aren't identical, but close enough they should have made my match list:

Charles Pépin dit Lachance

yesterday at 4:25 PM

I meant on the other post that I always add the parents, not I always "like" parents. It was supposed to be like to add the parents.


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yesterday at 4:28 PM

We cross-posted. Looking at your example:

first one: Wife of Camimir Tremblay
Mother of Cléophe Tremblay
second one: Wife of Casimir Tremblay
Mother of Louis-Wilfrid Tremblay

They are the Mother of DIFFERENT people, the Wife of DIFFERENT people -- therefore no reason for Geni to think they are the same person/ Geni does not match them.

On the other hand -- woman with same name, with husband with same first name - those they sometimes match on that alone!! (eg Mary (Brown) Smith wife of Jeremy Smith ---- Mary SMITH wife of Jeremy Green -- (possibly no dates) - those they match --- those drive me bonkers).

yesterday at 4:28 PM

Example of different places in the tree, but identical people with matching birthdates:

Marie-Charlotte Doyon

yesterday at 4:31 PM

Marie-Madeleine Gagné was perhaps the mother of different people, but both her and her husband have IDENTICAL matching information on both their profiles.

If Geni can constantly match me with people that don't have the same birthdays or parents, they should be able to catch this, easily!

yesterday at 4:32 PM

Another example:

Marguerite Racine

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yesterday at 4:40 PM

Charles -
Husband of Marie-Josephte Isoire
Father of Marie-Anne Pepin
Husband of Marie-Josephte Isoire
Father of Joseph Pépin dit Lachance
-- The family structure needs to match -- not just the names and dates.

Marie-Charlotte - family structure does not match.

I am way past time I have to deal with my "other" life - can not keep checking now. What you want to do is ask if anyone can give you link to how Geni's matching algorithm works. Pretty sure family structure/composition is more important than just same name and date of birth. It was quite a while ago that I saw it discussed.

yesterday at 4:40 PM

Another set:

Madeleine Gagnon

yesterday at 4:42 PM

I don't go with the argument about matching family structure. A married couple with IDENTICAL information on both profiles should be a match. I get matched all the time for people married to different spouses, different birthdates, and different parents, all on the same match.

This matching algorithm is crap. This is basic matching.

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yesterday at 6:02 PM

Byron Jason Whitesides dobutfull they are listening let alone tryinging to fix the furbar merge problem that i think is the root of the matches from heck problem....

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yesterday at 6:26 PM

Byron -

You may not "go with the argument" of matching family relationships but Lois is correct - that is indeed the core of the match algorithm.

And we all get crazy when an obvious match doesn't match. And I believe there "is" a long term plan, but for any software project, it's ready when its ready and thats the way it goes. I worked on one migration that started in 1985 and was not complete in 2002. :)

So this is my workaround when building a tree:

Every now and again I STOP & use the (pretty good) search facility to scour for duplicates, and merge them in.

I get the best results in the search tool using ... Family relationships.

This is partly because of the not always optimal data entry practices of some members, and the legacy GEDCOM uploads still being cleaned.

And that's a membership issue, as no one at Geni creates the profiles. Members do.

yesterday at 11:37 PM

Also bear in mind that these duplicates were just made within past two weeks or so, from what it seems. As I recall, the matching process can take a little bit of time due to the resources it requires. Some you get immediately, some take a little longer, just depending on luck of the draw. The privacy changes have only added to that.

It's not what anyone wants to hear, necessarily, but the real solution is...reevaluate your workflow so that you don't don't duplicate so much. Or if you do -- and we all do it sometimes -- be mindful of the names so you can manually initiate the merges yourself. You don't need to rely on the match icon. And not duplicating so much would certainly save you a lot of time. No one likes to change their process, but this might be a sign.

Today at 1:57 AM

I am going to have to start making a list of specific family names and double-checking them often. Yesterday, I fixed the duplicates in a mere 3 families and they were ones I have already done before. I was just checking again because I know that at some point, those names were entered on other profiles.

What would be nice is if there was a function like the one they have that shows matches, but instead evaluates all your created profiles against each other for duplicates. That would be really nice.

Now, going to merge these duplicates. Much work to do on this tree still.

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