Lots of famous Jews from Cincinnati

Started by Marion Bernstein on yesterday


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yesterday at 11:38 PM

As a native of Cincinnati, I have a wealth of names to add to your profiles. However, I am not yet a Geni Pro member, so often access is difficult. Are you restricting the names to the deceased, or may current notables be added?
You may want to tone down your references to Stanley Chesley, who was recently (earlier in 2014) disbarred in several states, resigned from the board of the University of Cincinnati, etc. However, he would be a good living profile to add!
Other living Cincinnati natives (or those who spent a significant part of their lives in Cincinnati) include Jerry Springer, James Levine, Fred Hersch (jazz pianist).
Deceased Cincinnatians include Theda Bara (Theodosia Goodman), Jerry Rubin, Nelson Glueck, Jacob Rader Marcus, Isaac Mayer Wise, Iphegenia Sulzberger Ochs, Murray Seasongood, and various members of the Lazarus family.
Thanks for making this project possible!
Marion H. Bernstein

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