Similar but not identical names -- could they be the same people?

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I had an uncle by marriage named Israel Pleener. In searching various databases, I found a birth record of Izrail PLINER, which I assume is simply the same name transliterated from Cyrillic, which shows he was born in Rezekne (now in Latvia) on 10/14/1884 (Julian) which is 10/26/1884 Gregorian. Parents are father Khaim-Shaya (son of Tevel) and Sheina (daughter of Khaim) of Rezekne. The death record of his mother, Sheina (daughter of Khaim), shows she died on 2/9/1902 Julian (2/22/1902 Gregorian) aged 55, of pneumonia, in Rezekne.

A different database shows a Pliner family with a Schaya Haim and a Scheina listed as his wife. The differences between Khaim-Shaya and Schaya Haim are mainly transliteration -- these names have been transliterated from Yiddish to Russian and the second of them apparently to German! -- but the reversal of the two names is problematic. And his father is listed as Schewel rather than Tevel, with the German use of "w" for the "v" sound, but the "Sch" vs. the "T" is also problematic. This database does not show my uncle, but it is from 1896 and he would have been only 12 at the time, and there do not appear to be any minors in this database, so that is not an issue.

What is the likelihood that Khaim-Shaya Pliner (son of Tevel) and Schaya Haim Pliner (son of Schewel) are the same person?

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