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At least 38 presidents of the United States and 14 royal houses of Europe are descended from Hugh Capet, king of France from 987 to 996, and his son Robert II “the Pious,” king of France from 996 to 1031. They in turn are descended from Charlemagne, king of the Franks from 768 to 814 and Emperor of the West from 800, and from King Clovis, the first Christian king of the Franks from 481 to 511.

The current or most recent members of the royal houses of Austria (Habsburg), Italy (Savoy), Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain (Bourbon), the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Germany (Hohenzollern), the Netherlands, Russia (Romanov), Yugoslavia, Romania and Norway are descended from Jean II Lhuillier (1357-1455), the third great-grandson of Thibaud II, count of Bar, son of Henry II count of Bar (1180-1239), whose wife Philippa was the daughter of Robert II count of Dreux, son of Robert I count of Dreux, son of Louis VI king of France.

Eleven presidents—James K. Polk, Millard Fillmore, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter—are also descended from Thibaud II count of Bar, son of Henry II count of Bar, great-grandson of Louis VI.

Thirteen presidents—James Madison, John Quincy Adams (through his mother), Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, William Howard Taft, Chester Alan Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford and George W. Bush (through his mother)—are descended from Guillaume III of Hainaut count of Holland, son of Philippa of Luxembourg, daughter of Marguerite of Bar countess of Longwy/Luxembourg, daughter of Henry II count of Bar, great-grandson of Louis VI.

Four presidents—Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and George H. W. Bush—are descended from Alice, daughter of Robert I count of Dreux, son of Louis VI.

Two presidents—Zachary Taylor and Lyndon B. Johnson—are descended from Alix, another daughter of Robert I count of Dreux, son of Louis VI.

Ronald Reagan is descended from Louis VII king of France, son of Louis VI. Louis VI is the son of Philip I, son of Henry I, son of Robert II “the Pious,” son of Hugh Capet (kings of France).

Martin Van Buren is descended from Robert I count of Flanders, son of Baldwin V count of Flanders and his wife Adele, daughter of Robert II “the Pious,” son of Hugh Capet.

Three presidents—George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and William J. Clinton—are descended from Elizabeth, daughter of Edward I king of England from 1272 to 1307. Three presidents—Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland and Herbert Hoover—are descended from Elizabeth, first Duchess of Norfolk, great-granddaughter of Edward’s brother, Edmund Crouchback, first Earl of Lancaster. Edward I and Edmund are fourth great-grandsons of William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V and his wife Adele, daughter of Robert II “the Pious,” son of Hugh Capet.

Five more presidents remain to be accounted for. Dwight Eisenhower is descended from Charlemagne through Pepin Carloman, Bernard king of Italy, Pepin II and Herbert I count of Vermandois (a great-grandfather of Hugh Capet), then through the counts of Flanders. James Monroe, John Tyler and Barack Obama are descended from medieval nobility. John Adams seems to be descended only from English commoners, though his wife Abigail shared descent with the second group of 13 presidents above.

The relationships are undoubtedly much closer in many instances, but these are the lines that can be traced on the family tree.

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And I think you probably will have a hard time proving that every link is correct. But then again, I'm just a genealogist that live by the principle that if I claim there is a link between two persons, I have to prove it with good sources, and if not the link isn't true.

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This happens to be well studied and documented territory.

Gary Boyd and other very well respected genealogists have been documenting and validating these lines and publishing their results for many years now.

There can be errors in Geni of course but by following the known pedigrees those errors can be easily corrected by members pointing it out and looking up what the correct connection is for us.

A teenager, a few years ago, documented how all the presidents are related to each other (except Martin van Buren of Dutch descent).

There are only a few thousand "known pedigree" early arrivers to Colonial America, but if you connect to one, you connect to all.

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Here is a bit more explanation:

"According to American genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts, an expert on royal descent, most Americans with significant New England Yankee, Mid-Atlantic Quaker, or Southern planter ancestry are descended from medieval kings, especially those of England, Scotland, and France. William Addams Reitwiesner documented many U.S. descendants of Renaissance and modern monarchs. Some Americans may have royal descents through German immigrants who had an illegitimate descent from German royalty.[10] ... "

So actually I have all "strands" noted. No wonder I'm connected! :)

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