Magdalena de Beer, b5c2 - Which Magdalena is married to Jan Booysen

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Today at 3:46 AM

Magdalena b5c2 born 16.10.1745 is reported to be married to Jan Booysen a1b5c4 (twice)
there is also Magdalena b5c6 born 16.10 .1754 reported to be married to Booysen.
Magdalena de Beer, b5c2.
I suspect that a possible juxtaposition of the birth year caused her to be duplicated in the older genealogies.

Today at 4:04 AM

The DVN number is not in accordance with SAF v2 where Zacharais is b6

Magdalena b6c2 in SAF v2 does not have a husband - assumed died before

Magdalena b6c6 in SAF v2 * 16.10.1754 x Jan Booysen 21.1.1770

I suggest the names and details of the two are changed/swapped so that they are the other way around - removing Booysen as husband from b6c2 (presently b5c5)

Back to wedding stuff.

Today at 7:34 AM

names swapped

Today at 8:17 AM


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