Slave Owners or Fathers?

Started by Sharon Doubell on today


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Today at 3:05 AM

Ek het 'n baie interessante vraag vanoggend ontvang:

More Sharon
Ek het jou hulp nodig, voel ,n bietjie onseker.
Ek het die volgende inskrywing gekry, dit gaan oor die doop van kinders.

21 Jan 1708. Slawekinders van Gerrit Victor, SV/PROG
Moeder- Heter van Suratti
Kinders: Johannes, Caatje en Anna Magdalena.
Ek sou se dat die Pa in die geval Gerrit Victor, SV/PROG is. Hoe dink jy.?

13 May 1708. Dirkje. 1 slaafkind van Jennis Janse van Schalkwyk, geen moeder. Was Jennis die Vader?

30 jun 1708. Helena Barbara. Slaafkind van Simon van der Stel, SV/PROG
Vader: Hendrik Constant van Macassar
Moeder: Lena Felix van Macassar.
In die geval is die Vader en Moeder genoem, en ek sou se dat die ouers slawe was van Simon van der Stel, SV/PROG.

Today at 3:15 AM

How are we interpreting the documents pointing to slave ancestry? In the case of baptismal records, does the church usually record it explicitly if the slave owner is also the father - or is it usually left ambiguous?

In the geval van Gerrit, as jy na sy boom kyk - sien jy dat sy seun slawe kinders verwek het: Jacobus Victor, b2; Unknown slave; Christiaan Victor, b2c1.

Today at 5:46 AM

I have seen this query also in anorher discussion/message.
I agree it sound a bit ambigous. Maybe we should approach Dr Helena Liebenberg / Delia Robertson / Richard Ball who often do this type of research on their interpretation.

Today at 5:56 AM

Good idea.
Delia Robertson?

Today at 6:30 AM

I think Delia is doing FFY First Fivety Years

Today at 6:45 AM

Well then, we'll need to decide on our own.

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